Opinion: Doreen Garlid is the Tempe City Council Race’s Standout Newcomer

Opinion: Doreen Garlid is the Tempe City Council Race’s Standout Newcomer

Tempe voters: if you haven’t already received your Tempe municipal ballot in the mail, you will very soon. While most of the attention has focused heavily on the mayoral race between Mark Mitchell and Corey Woods, I strongly encourage you to understand what’s at stake in the council race as well. Voters will be asked to look beyond the incumbents this time and choose at least one newcomer to the council, so it’s important to understand your choices.

A recent news article said there is little difference between this year’s Tempe City Council candidates. That’s simply not true. While the five council candidates are all very caring people who share similar views on some topics, they are very different in very important ways. Who you vote for will produce different outcomes for our city and dynamics on our council.

So, if the council candidates appear to have similar goals, how do you differentiate them? This requires voters to look beyond the issues and campaign priorities and focus on the candidates’ track records, their involvement in the community and their values. A LOT of media publicity has been given to one particular candidate because he’s in a local band. I would encourage voters to look beyond the hype and cast their vote based on a candidate’s track record of leadership, merits and qualifications for the job.

First, it’s important for voters to understand that Tempe elections are nonpartisan. Pay close attention to which candidates are honoring this code, and which ones are actively promoting party politics. This is important if you believe nonpartisan municipal elections are healthier for our community and, once elected, council members should represent the interests of all Tempe residents, regardless of party.

The one candidate I wholeheartedly recommend is Doreen Garlid. Doreen has 30+ years of grassroots community leadership and governance experience, which is unmatched by other council candidates. Doreen is a qualified, proven and effective leader who will bring maturity and integrity to the council. Some of the other council candidates have never served in any leadership capacity and have no governance experience whatsoever. They simply lack the track record for voters to know what kind of leaders they would be. Doreen Garlid knows how to research, organize, lead, govern and get things done. I believe this makes her a standout choice for our council.

Doreen also has the endorsement of more than 40 elected officials, community leaders and organizations. This includes two former mayors, ten current and former councilmembers, the Tempe Chamber of Commerce, firefighters and public safety officers. All these people, from all different parties and backgrounds, agree Doreen Garlid is qualified for the job and deserves to be elected.

It’s also important to know that her campaign priorities are giving neighborhoods a voice, advocating for more affordable housing and improving public safety. But I would encourage you to look beyond the issues to understand what really sets her apart. She’s a mother of four grown children who’s volunteered extensively in our local schools and neighborhoods and she knows what it’s like to raise a family here. Please check out her qualifications for yourself at garlidfortempe.com.

Tempe is ready for a new era of leadership. It’s time to elect Doreen Garlid to Tempe City Council.



Nancy Puffer is the Campaign Manager for Garlid for Tempe

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