Not everyone is feeling the Love this week. Scottsdale entrepreneurs share insight about the increase in divorces in February

Not everyone is feeling the Love this week. Scottsdale entrepreneurs share insight about the increase in divorces in February

Valentine’s Day May Be Here, But Surprisingly Many Couples Are Contemplating Divorce


(Scottsdale, AZ – February 14, 2023) – The holidays are behind us, the New Year has taken flight, love is in the air with Valentine’s Day and dozens of couples across the Valley are preparing for divorce.


There are many reasons why couples choose to end a marriage during this time as heartbreaking as it seems. This was a decision they put off during the holiday season for the sake of their family, which naturally brings increased anxiety, stress, chaos, excessive spending and imbibing. As it all comes to a head and they can’t imagine spending another miserable year together, divorce is imminent. Providing support for those embarking down this path is un*tied, a women owned consulting firm helping clients navigate separation and divorce and ‘get their ducks in a row.’


Co-founders, Amy Bloomberg Corben and Sheri Heitner-Anderson have worked with numerous clients over the past few years through this very difficult and overwhelming time. “We provide our predominantly female clientele with the necessary professionals, tools, and resources, to give them the support they need with the ultimate goal of helping them prepare for the best possible financial and mental health outcome,” noted Co-Founder Sheri Heitner-Anderson. “We hold our clients’ hands from beginning to end and ensure during negotiations no stone is left unturned.”


“All of our clients have come to us by referral. Oftentimes, somebody knows someone who is embarking down the heartbreaking path of a separation or divorce and they want their family member, friend or colleague to have the knowledge, insight and experience that un*tied provides,” noted Amy Bloomberg Corben. “Knowledge is power and we are filling a much needed void throughout the valley. Our clients’ feedback has been that our 24/7 concierge style of service with late night texts, weekend calls and quick responses helped them with the overwhelming emotional impact the divorce process evokes,” she added.


un*tied’s business model includes a 20-minute complimentary call to gauge the marital situation and determine how best to move forward.  For more information, please visit or email  or


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