Netflix Need To See- The Meyerowitz Stories

Netflix Need To See- The Meyerowitz Stories
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The Vulnerable Role I Have Always Wanted To See Adam Sandler Play.

The new netflix release of The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) presents a collection of short stories that are so relatable, familiar and enjoyable. An experience directed by Noah Baumbach that truly peers into realistic family issues having a strong emotional effect.

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A film that dives deep into the aspects of a witty dysfunctional family. Some may say this is just another dysfunctional problematic family film and it doesn’t have anything new that hasn’t been done before. Yet, the specific dysfunctional aspects and personality of each character provides a mirror-reflection of personal life events.

This netflix entry explains aspects of my personal life and expresses so many of my own life events in a way that I never could. To some, this may not provide a true personal connection because not everyone has a dysfunctional family similar to to this. But, personally having had many of these particular experiences within my dysfunctional family, it is satisfying to have a film show my story with such understanding.

Even if you don’t have the same kind of dysfunction as this family, all families have some type of dysfunction and this piece provides something everyone can take parts of.

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It is divided into separate sketches with separate portraits of the various characters. The relatable emotions are brought to life with closeup looks of each characters own obsessions and slightly opposite viewpoints about their siblings. An amazing cast of Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman and Elizabeth Marvel, who all play remarkable new roles.

The story doesn’t end, portraying the truth of family issues never ending. It all goes on and on, even after we’ve grown, and even long after our parents die. The film expresses a deeper meaning of “it’s just life”, and how sometimes it is a blessing and sometimes it is a curse.



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