My Local News on the Cusp of Breaking Sensational International News Story

My Local News on the Cusp of Breaking Sensational International News Story

Our dedicated team of reporters at have been working round the clock to bring you a series of articles that are unprecedented in modern journalism. This Saturday morning we are set to release a Special Edition of My Local News for the first time in six years of publishing. 

These series of articles are expected to have a dramatic impact on Mexican, American and Russian relations for many years to come.  We would love nothing more than to break the story today but our legal team has advised us that high ranking international officials have gotten wind of the story and are threatening to serve us with a court injunction to prevent its release.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions would not comment.  

All of this is taking its toll on our reporters who fully intend to exercise their second amendment rights, but fear reprisals from Russian President Putin and the Trump administration. To ensure their safety, our reporters will therefore be writing under pen names for their own protection. In the last few days before we go to press our team is trying to find comfort in the quote by Thomas Jefferson: “Where the press is free and every man able to read, all is safe.”      

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