Morning Squeeze – A Tempe Necessity

Morning Squeeze – A Tempe Necessity

There’s always that one place you go to – you know – the one that you think about first thing in the morning, right when you wake up. That place you think about immediately as the excruciating headache hits you and you can’t quite remember your activities from the night prior. Now that you know the feeling – here’s the place you’re probably thinking about right now, Morning Squeeze.  If you happen to live in Tempe, AZ, and/or fell asleep somewhere around this general area, you are familiar with this colorful and fun establishment located on Mill & W. 7th St. that houses all things from mimosa flights to a delicious avocado toast that is sure to make you feel the “healthiness” you thought you needed. With numerous locations around the Phoenix area, this spot is one of the best when it comes to people watching and the “cure”. There are numerous options when it comes to people watching as well – your choice of indoor or outdoor dining allows you to check out the scene from the “clubs” across the street or enjoy the 65 degrees AC on a nice Arizona, hot day. 

Now let’s talk about the menu – there is basically something for everyone. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. Have it be the pickiest 5-year-old you ever-did-meet and they will still be able to find something on this menu because it is just THAT BIG. I, personally, hate large menus with a burning passion, as I just can’t seem to put a finger on what I’m craving that morning with the exorbitant amount of flapjack options. BUT, that said, there is something special about an establishment – that when hungover – you can choose to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner at literally 9:35 am and NO ONE will say ANYTHING to you about it. Now that is something of beauty. Okay, now back to the menu – and for starters, I would recommend a cocktail at Morning Squeeze. They’re good, hardy, and they know what’s up when it comes to helping with “the cure”. After a delicious cocktail such as the “You’re Bacon Me Crazy” Bloody Mary or the “Rise and Shine”, I would gaze down the menu at the “Benedict” section (especially if you are an egg fan like myself) and check out all the varieties of benedict you can get. Personally, I would recommend the Salmon Benedict, but honestly go with whatever you are feeling that morning – you won’t be let down. Another crowd favorite is the Chicken & Waffles – a classic take on a classic dish but doesn’t get your hopes up because it’s literally just chicken. And waffles (but still pretty tasty). Lastly on the recommendation list is the “Sandwich section because you TRULY can’t go wrong with a sandwich (even if it is only 10:20 am). For that, I would recommend either the “Free Bird” or the “Reuben” dependent on preference but both pack a lot of flavors and won’t disappoint.

Whether you’re starting your day or ending it, this place will welcome you with open arms, feed you to the fullest, and provide good memories and a lot of comfort. Highly recommend.

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