Mexican Folk Star, Natalia Lafourcade Touches Hearts Through Music

Mexican Folk Star, Natalia Lafourcade Touches Hearts Through Music
Natalia Lafourcade will perform at ASU Gammage on Oct. 7. Photo Courtesy of Chino Lemus.

Mexican folk singer, Natalia Lafourcade is a gem in South America. The Grammy® award winning singer is on tour with her seventh studio album MUSAS and will be performing at ASU Gammage on Oct 7.

“I wanted to learn something new about the folklore and the singers and songwriters from my country and Latin America,” Lafourcade said. “I wanted to have the bohemia feeling. I wanted to do something more acoustic, naked, organic. At first I didn’t want to release it. I just wanted to record that music and have that experience.”

Once Lafourcade’s management heard her project, they were thrilled to produce it. The album was released May 5, and fans were equally as excited about the piece.

“I’m very grateful for that,” Lafourcade said. “You never know what will happen with music when you release a song or album. I just try to work really hard for the experience of the music. Not for a personal thing. Just being very honest and real and doing it with the heart. They can feel that.”

Lafourcade’s fans are much more than that to her. She considers them her family.

“I really appreciate the fact that they come to the shows and they follow me. Almost every time i go on the stage I feel like I’m singing for my family and my friends. I just try to keep doing what I do from a very honest heart.”

The singer encourages those who are unfamiliar with her work to attend her show. She believes her music will transcend many different of audiences.

“I believe that [new audiences] will see musicians putting all their love and heart into the music that they are going to listen to,” Lafourcade said. “They will have an experience with some of the music they love from my country. They will be able to travel with the music in their heart. Being able to dance and enjoy and sing with us and have fun. We try to share something that comes from our roots and our music history and culture.”

Lafourcade tries to make every performance raw and organic for her audience member, but the singer gets just as excited as her fans during the show.

“There’s few things that will give me that feeling,” Lafourcade said. “I’m addicted. Totally addicted to the feeling and the sensation. I feel very comfortable. I feel that I have the opportunity to leave a new experience. Every audience is different. It’s about energy. Being onstage is like you have a key and the audience has another key and we can open that door if we put those two keys in it. We can go to another dimension. There’s a moment where we all get crazy and having that experience. I love that. There might be a show where we cannot have that, but most of the time we will be very excited and very very happy.”

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