Matching Couple Tattoos Ideas With Meanings 2020

Matching Couple Tattoos Ideas With Meanings 2020

What better way to signify your love for your partner than to get a matching couple tattoo? There is something endlessly romantic about permanently etching yourselves with matching body art that shows the true level of affection you have for one another.

Whether it’s your first tattoo, or even if your body is already a canvas full of art, you will probably want to know the latest trends and ideas for finding the best matching couple tattoo in 2020.

In this article, we will bring you some of the most popular tattoo designs for couples so you can decide which one will suit you and your partner best, and so you can have something to display your love for one another forever.

Tattoo Designs That Will Keep Your Love Forever

A simple search for tattoo shops near me should bring up a whole host of options for tattooists these days, even if you don’t live near a big city. Tattoos seem to have removed their negative stigma and have become a staple part of modern-day fashion and culture, which is awesome.

If you’re looking for a “tattoo near me” then you will surely be able to find an artist who will be able to create one of the following designs for both you and your partner.

  • The Cross

If your love is signified by a religious belief then you can go ahead and tattoo a stylish cross on your body to signify your love together in the name of god. This can be as simple or as outlandish as you desire. Remember, sometimes subtlety is the trendiest option.

  • Cartoon Love

Matching tattoos in a cartoon style shows your light-hearted and fun sides. You can both get a male/female version of the same character, or two different cartoons that oppose each other like a yin and yang (think Tom and Jerry). It all depends on your relationship and whether you want a personal joke attached to the meaning of your new tat.

  • The Lock and Key

The lock and key are one of the most classic couples of tattoos that there is. It’s stylish, it’s cute, and it is an amazing analogy for the love that two people can feel and unlock within one another.

Without one, there is no real use for the other, but when they are together they can open up amazing things.

  • A Design Connection

A design connection is a tattoo that is only complete when both parts of the tattoo are put together. The tattoos must be placed next to each other for the design to become complete, like two pieces of a jig-saw puzzle.

  • Anchor tattoo

A matching anchor tattoo can signify that you and your partner have been each other’s rocks for the entirety of your relationship and that you can act as solid support and never moving object for them, no matter what happens.

This shows great commitment and a deep connection that is unwavering throughout both the highs and lows that life may throw at you.

Whatever tattoo you decide to get, make sure it’s personal to you and your relationship. Each couple is different and has its own unique qualities and quirks that make them special. You can always choose from one of the options we have listed above and put your twist on it to make it your own.

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