Video: Mar-A-Wallgo – an investigative series into Trump’s New Border Wall Resort

Video: Mar-A-Wallgo – an investigative series  into Trump’s New Border Wall Resort

When we first got wind of this planned project I must say that it was hard to believe.  Just the scale of it alone is hard to fathom.  The Mexican American border is 1,954 miles in length which would ultimately require thirty-eight 5,000 room Trump Resorts to cover the estimated five trillion dollar construction and wall enhancement cost.  To put these numbers into a perspective that is $15,673 for every one of the 319 million Americans. Although high ranking officials have 

My Local News is a small journalistic enterprise but as we dug deeper into Trump’s planned Mar-a-Wallgo I new that we would need dedicate all of our resources to uncovering the truth of this multifaceted proposed project.  Our crack team of reporters went to work and this series of articles is a result of thousands of hours of work.  I hope you will find this series of articles as informative and engaging as I do.  If so I encourage you to share them on social media and #marawallgo. Also with the plan of using the federal government to guarantee the debt on the project I encourage you to reach out to your congressional delegation and let them know whether you are a supporter of Trump’s Mar-a-Wallgo, or not. After all it is your tax dollars.  

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Mar-A-Wallgo – an investigative series of articles into Trump’s New Border Resort
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