Keeping Your Business Running From Home

Keeping Your Business Running From Home



Things seem a little bleak for businesses right now, especially smaller ones.  This post should give hope to all business owners and managers. It is all about how you can keep your business moving forward from your home.  It is intended to be a starting point. You may think of more ways to do this after you finish reading.  

Maintain Meeting Schedules


If you have regular meetings for your staff while in the office, continue to do so now.  With modern technology, this is easier than you think. There are software and services you can acquire that will allow staff meetings to proceed while everyone remains at home.  Examples are Go-To-Meeting, Skype, and similar offerings from Microsoft and Amazon. A Google search will help you find a suitable service to use.

Meeting With Prospects and Clients


Here are more examples of meetings that can be done over the Internet, using the same services we just talked about.  This time the meeting is with a prospective or a current client. These can also be arranged so that everyone can participate from the safety of their home.

Office Tasks


Another thing that is true in this day and age is that most people, especially professionals or business owners, have offices in their home.  That means they are able to do routine office tasks from there. These days many office tasks can be automated and/or performed over the Internet.  There are also scanner/copier/fax machines, phones, snail-mail options, and so many other smaller equipment items. Again, this means so much work can be done from home.

Develop a Work Schedule


You can do this exactly as if you were operating from your office.  Create a work schedule for yourself and stick to it. Don’t forget to schedule breaks and closing times.  Use your home office to do functions the same as if you were physically in your office. Prioritize tasks and manage your time, see how much you can accomplish.  


Your Business CAN Survive!!!


Your business does NOT have to suffer now.  It and you will survive! Try it!!!

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