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During these difficult times of lockdown I have discovered some interesting television shows.  I would like to share them with you.  I will then segue into finding other types of shows that might interest YOU more than these.  Additionally, I will divulge some good sources where you can find the shows that you want to see.  Keep reading.

The First People


I have always had a desire to know where humans come from.  In the show of this heading’s title, I am finding answers.  Each episode of this show takes a specific continent that we know today and studies it.  The professionals reveal what race (or races) of people are present today and trace their history back to where they came from.  What were the earliest-known people in this area and just how far back in time did they arrive?  I find this subject matter extremely interesting.

Mankind, the Story of All of Us  


This particular series appears to pick up where The First People leaves off.  Each episode of this program focuses on specific ancient civilizations.  Where they came from, where they laid down roots, raised families and built towns.  The program also focuses on the epic struggles between old civilizations and the results of these struggles.  The pertinent episode then goes on to explain how each type of ancient civilization relates to where today’s civilizations are and from which ones we have descended.  This is also most interesting to me.

Life Beyond Earth


Moving on to the opposite end of the spectrum, if you will, comes this fascinating show.  It talks about professional research that has been done in the exploration of Life Beyond Earth and why it is important right now.  Are there other Earth-like worlds in other solar systems?  Find out the possibilities on this special series. 

YOUR Interests


I have chosen to write about the shows featuring subjects that I find interesting.  It is highly possible that you will find other subjects of interest more fascinating, such as history, or the arts, or literature, or whatever.  You can find them all here.

Where To Find These Interesting Shows


Okay, so where do you find these shows?  The shows I have specifically spoken about can be found on Amazon Prime under the listing of shows that appeal to me.  Each one is a font of information.  Another Source of Similar Shows can be discovered on YouTube, one or two episodes at a time.  With either of these sources, once you watch a program of interest, it automatically suggests similar shows that might interest you.  Your whole family can benefit from them, so watch them together.  Have a great time learning.

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