IMPACT Gymnastics Academy: A Beacon of Diversity and Excellence in Phoenix, Arizona

IMPACT Gymnastics Academy: A Beacon of Diversity and Excellence in Phoenix, Arizona
Central Phoenix, February 2024 — In the heart of Central Phoenix, IMPACT Gymnastics Academy is making waves not just for its outstanding gymnastic programs but for its commitment to diversity and family values. Established in 2015, this gymnastics organization, located at 7812 N. 12th St., Phoenix, recently underwent a significant transformation in its ownership and management.
Samantha and Ozzie Baltierrez, a dynamic and visionary couple, are steering IMPACT Gymnastics Academy toward a future filled with promise and inclusivity. Their ownership marks a new chapter for the gym, infusing a warm family touch into the gymnastics community.
Samantha Baltierrez, the co-owner, and a proud black business owner, is at the forefront of this transformation. Joining her is her sister Gabby Anderson, the General Manager, another influential black figure within the leadership of the gym. Together, they are creating an environment where everyone feels welcome.
Diversity is not just in the ownership; it resonates through the coaching staff and the families that call IMPACT Gymnastics Academy home. The gym boasts a mosaic of backgrounds and cultures, fostering an inclusive space for all.
As the only black-owned gymnastics business in the city of Phoenix, IMPACT Gymnastics Academy stands out as a pioneer in the area, breaking barriers and setting an example for diversity and inclusion.
“The future of Impact Gymnastics Academy is very bright,” affirms Baltierrez. “We’re remodeling to enhance our space, our classes are flourishing with talent led by dedicated coaches, and our competitive team is rapidly growing.”
With over 1,000 students ranging from 6 months to 18 years old, IMPACT Gymnastics Academy stands out as a privately owned business offering recreational and competitive gymnastics programs. Beyond gymnastics, the gym provides a range of activities, including summer camps, birthday parties, the NINJA Zone, and tumbling for cheer programs.
“At Impact Gymnastics Academy, we believe all kids can make an impact,” emphasizes Baltierrez. “No child will be turned away based on race, gender, sexual identity, religion, or ability.”
As the 2024 Olympics approach, the gym anticipates a surge in interest, welcoming a new generation of young enthusiasts eager to explore the world of gymnastics. The commitment to diversity and inclusivity is a foundational principle at IMPACT Gymnastics Academy, ensuring every child has the opportunity to shine.
Beyond gymnastics excellence, the gym actively engages with the community, supporting local schools and families. “Our goal is to make a real impact in the place we call home,” states Baltierrez.
IMPACT Gymnastics Academy, led by Samantha and Ozzie Baltierrez, stands as not only a testament to excellence in training but also as a beacon of diversity, inclusivity, and community engagement. As the only black-owned gymnastics business in Phoenix, Arizona, Samantha and Gabby, along with their team of dedicated coaches, are breaking barriers, shaping not just gymnasts but future leaders who will make a positive impact on the world.


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7812 N 12th St b, Phoenix, AZ 85020

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