How to Identify Devious Carpet Cleaning Scams

How to Identify Devious Carpet Cleaning Scams

How to Identify These 3 Devious Carpet Cleaning Scams In 2018


If you’re in search of a professional company to clean your carpet (or any other type of flooring in your home) you NEED to be on the lookout for SCAMMERS.


The harsh truth is:


Scammers are more common than most of us would hope. Although the majority of businesses are honest, you can usually find deceitful people in any industry, carpet cleaners included.


We all wish it wasn’t true, but there are some people out there that are just looking to fool honest consumers out of their money with carpet cleaning scams.


In today’s guide you’re going to learn how to identify unethical practices to avoid getting ripped off. Don’t get taken by scammers with suspicious advertising and unprofessional equipment. Arm yourself with these tips to protect your wallets and beautiful carpets from misleading tricksters.


Let’s jump right in.


How to Avoid the Bait and Switch


Wow – that super low discount just can’t be beat!


It’s almost like it’s too good to be true…


Bait and switch is a common illegal practice and one of the most often used carpet cleaning scams. It begins with a company advertising prices that are so much lower than any competitors’ that it will always seem like too good of a deal to pass up. But if you take a step back and give it a second glance, you’ll notice that there MUST be a reason why the price is so low. This is the bait, and it looks mighty appetizing.


Avoid getting hooked by asking quality questions. If you feel like you’re not getting direct answers about their cleaning process or how they price their services it should throw up a couple red flags. The truth about low prices is that the company is either cutting corners somewhere (bad equipment or unskilled employees) or they were looking to fool you with the switch.


The Way They Pull This Carpet Cleaning Scam Off Might Surprise You


The second half of this scam happens once you’ve agreed with a price and the cleaner shows up for your appointment.


There are actually a number of common excuses that scammers tend to use, but ultimately they are going to make a point to say that you need more done than what was previously agreed to.


Find out more about local Arizona carpet cleaning scams and how to avoid them you can find the full guide on carpet cleaning scams here.

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