How To Run For Tempe City Council – A Guide

How To Run For Tempe City Council – A Guide

Running for Tempe City Council can be a daunting task.  I should know, the first time I ran in 2000 I lost badly!  I spent the next 12 years learning how to run a successful City Council campaign and won in 2012, and 2016, acting as my own campaign manager in both races.

I thought I would share the strategy and tips I used with others who might be interested in running for Tempe City Council so I wrote everything down.  Basically, I’m trying to democratize the democratic process!

At the most basic level, this book provides you a pile of useful information about what you will need to buy, and where you can buy it.  But, I hope, it does more than that.  I hope it also provides you the start of a toolkit to develop your own campaign for office.

There are loads of reasons why a person running for office should win or lose, but knowing how to run a campaign should not be one of them!

Enjoy the free .pdf download, or get it from Amazon.

Kolby Granville, Former Tempe City Council Member

(And if you are an elected official who thinks “Kolby got everything wrong!” I would encourage you to write your own version of this book explaining your political process. I do not think I am the only one with good ideas on how to run and win elections, I am just the only one who has written it down!)

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