How to Follow Email Marketing Best Practices

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Some marketers believe email marketing’s time has come and gone. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Email marketing still packs a serious punch even though it may not get the attention of other tools. The right email marketing campaigns can generate leads and convert prospects to customers without breaking your budget.

Email remains a viable channel because buyers still rely on it to communicate with businesses. According to a MarketingSherpa study, 72% of consumers prefer email as their primary source of business communication. Also, email generates a high return on investment. The Direct Marketing Association says it delivers the highest ROI of all marketing activities by producing $38 for every $1 spent. 

Given the results email marketing provides, the question becomes “how” rather than “if.” The following best practices will help ensure your email campaigns cut through the noise, stay on message, and engage your targets successfully: 

·      Incentivize Prospects to Open Your Emails – You can increase open rates by offering a benefit in your subject line. A special promotion like a limited time discount, free shipping, and a gift for participating in a demo can persuade prospects to open and read your email. Also, a compelling subject line will create a sense of urgency to learn more and contain fewer than 50 characters.

·      Limit Clutter in Your Emails – For the best readability, focus on creating clean looking emails. If an email appears too busy and hard to read, your prospect will probably delete it. Multiple typefaces, too many colors, and an overly complicated design will turn off some targets. Also, make sure your emails look appealing on multiple screens, especially smartphones.

·      Find the Right Balance Between Visuals and Copy – Most people prefer not to read a lot of copy. They want to get the message quickly. According to HubSpot, 65% of email users favor mostly images while 35% prefer mostly text. Integrating video also helps attract readers.

·      Design Your Email to Eliminate Scrolling – Some email recipients will not scroll vertically through an email. When you place your most important message and call-to-action above the fold, you can ensure readers get the gist of your message quickly and without scrolling. You also want to eliminate horizontal scrolling. If you design your emails no wider than 650 pixels, you can avoid this email marketing taboo and improve readability.

·      Display Your Logo for Maximum Visibility – People’s eyes gravitate to the upper-left hand corner of an email. They instinctively look for logos here, so make sure you place your logo in this location. 

·      Create Consistency Between Your Email and Your Landing Page – You want the same look and feel regarding design. Also, you should include matching graphics, headlines, copy, links, calls-to-actions, and content. By testing different options and using tracking tools, you can select the best performing combinations.

·      Personalize Your Content – Avoid blasting the same message to your entire list. Targets expect you to know who they are and what they value. If the information you provide does not meet individual needs, you will lose prospects.

·      Develop a Clear Call-to-Action – What do you want your targets to do with the information you provide? Make sure you state whether you want them to download content, make a purchase, schedule a demo, or request more information, and then include prominent links. Repeat your calls-to-action at least three times in your email.

·      Remind Recipients They Opted In – By using auto-responders for opt-in, you can send content to targets at periodic intervals, such as one day, five days, and ten days after registration. These emails should not only remind targets that they opted-in, but also provide additional, meaningful content.

·      Deploy Analytics and Marketing Automation – These sophisticated tools can help you personalize and automate your email campaigns. With better personalization and automation, you can enhance timeliness and relevancy. You will also know which prospects are ready for follow up with lead scoring.

With new and expanded tools for marketers to use, email marketing still provides a reliable, efficient, and affordable way to reach your target customers. Email allows you to promote your brand using personalized, relevant content. It is also an essential component of an effective outbound marketing program. For these reasons, you can deliver better business results.

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