Health Benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Health Benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is fun, if not the most fun, of all exercises.  Just imagine being outdoors, paddling and racing with a couple of friends. These things can help reduce stress and make you feel happy, not mentioning that soothing feeling of being in the water.  

But apart from these things, did you know that SUP could enhance your overall health? If you’re not convinced, keep reading in the following to learn more.

Is Stand Up Paddle Boarding A Good Exercise?

Certain studies had it that stand up paddle boarding is a good exercise. It is a low impact whole body workout that does not put much strain on your joints and knees when compared to running.

But while it may seem so easy to stand up on the paddle,   it is not. It needs your whole body to use the paddleboard well. Stand up paddle boarding engages and works your arms, core, back, shoulders, torso and legs for a whole body exercise. 

How does it work?  A stand up paddleboarder needs to stabilize and balance from the gravity.  So if you were one, you have to work smartly to keep that balance while also moving the paddleboard paddle forward with your arms and shoulders. 

With this activity, you will feel your heart beating faster, resulting in increased oxygen circulation and supply to your brain.  As you may already know, good blood circulation can improve most body and organ functions.

It Will Boost Your Cardiovascular Health

Spending time outdoors in the summer, you might want to add SUP in your exercise routine to improve heart health.  

As touched on earlier, SUP is a good cardio workout because of the increased activity that it can do to virtually all body parts.   

To improve the results, you can also ask some friends for a race for a more challenging and motivating workout. Nevertheless, it’s a great way to increase your heart rate and activity. 

And what else could be good for the heart than feeling less stress? High levels of it can lead to a stressed heart, too. To reduce it and boost your heart health naturally, try stand up paddle boarding! It doesn’t just lower anxiety, depression and stress levels but also soothes the body. The water sound you will be able to listen to while you’re paddling and gliding will naturally melt your stress away.

With it, you don’t just enjoy being out there in the summer but also being close to nature and with friends, resulting in more happiness.  

Ask stand up paddlers and hear their stories about feelings of well-being after a paddling session.  Sometimes, they even describe it to be like runners high but without much straining to the body.

Paddle Boarding Engages Core Muscles and Builds Abdominal Strength

Stand up paddle boarding puts every muscle to work. These muscles include your abdominal and core muscles. 

So if you’re ever wondering what workout is low impact yet effective in shaping and strengthening these muscles, your answer must be stand up paddle boarding.

The core, in particular, is the most targeted muscle while you’re out there and enjoying an SUP session. How does it happen? SUP requires balancing that also needs your abdominal muscle and other upper muscle body engagement.  They should contract while you’re rowing!  And when you’re trying to bring the paddle to the board, your core and leg muscles work hard, too.

Paddle Boarding and Health Insurance

While stand up paddle boarding is not as intense as other workouts, it can also lead to an injury or an accident. Now if you’re someone who wants to be ready for any untoward and unforeseen outdoor incident while engaging in SUP, you should look for affordable health insurance in Las Vegas

Without insurance in the event that an accident strikes, you might have to cover the entire medical costs with your own money. And if you don’t have enough financial resources to cover for it, you might have to apply for a loan or borrow money to sustain medical expenses, doctor’s fees, hospital fees and other miscellaneous medical expenses.

Especially if you’re a student, a retired employee or unemployed/self-employed or someone not qualified for a Nevada Medicaid, you might want to find a health insurance that suits your needs and budget.  And if you need help, there are insurance brokers to seek help from so that you can understand the various choices of health insurance Nevada.

There you have the greatest health benefits of SUP to take advantage of if you want to improve heart health, strengthen abdominal muscles and enhance overall health. Consult your doctor and start with SUP today!

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