Grease Is The Word: How To Avoid Thanksgiving Plumbing Emergencies

Grease Is The Word: How To Avoid Thanksgiving Plumbing Emergencies

To avoid a stressful plumbing emergency, the experts at Donley AC & Plumbing are sharing ways to keep your disposal running, sinks free of clogs, and pipes clear.

Get rid of grease the right way

• Never pour grease, poultry fat or cooking oil into the sink or toilet. It can cause sewer backups.
• If you don’t plan to reuse grease and oil, let it cool and solidify before placing into a container that can be disposed of in the trash.
• Be sure to wipe off all pots, pans and dishes with a paper towel before washing them because small amounts of grease can build up over time and cause plumbing problems.


Don’t treat your disposal like a trash can. Instead, throw leftovers in garbage or compost pile. Here are some items to avoid dumping in the disposal:


1.Pasta and Rice 

• Because they expand when exposed to water, pasta and rice can fill the disposal trap and gum up the inside.

2. Stringy Vegetables

• Fibrous strings from celery, asparagus, pumpkin and cornhusks can get tangled up around the disposal blades. Certain types of lettuce can also stop the disposal from working.

3. Potato and Banana Peels

• Peels can create trouble two ways: they can turn into a chunky paste and cause the blades to stick and they can slide right past the disposal and clog the drain. 

4. Pits and Seeds 

• Peach and avocado pits and apple cores should never go down the disposal. Pits are strong enough to dent and chip the blades.

5. Shells

• Eggshells can stick to the sides and, as other disposal friendly items are added, the shells can attach to the waste and cause a clog.

6. Bones

• Bones will either just spin around and around the disposal or,if they do slip past the blades without harming the disposal, they won’t go through the pipes.

7.  Coffee grounds

• They attract grease and build-up and create a thick mass that will clog you drain.


Feed the disposal slowly

• Turn it on before you toss in scraps. And, do it gradually to avoid overloading the disposal.


Keep water running

• Run cold water both during and after using your disposal.
• If you think there’s a problem with your disposal avoid using the dishwasher because it discharges into the disposal.


To keep the disposal working well:

1. Feed ice cubes to sharpen the blades.
2. Always run cold water when the disposal is on.
3. To counter odors, put lemon or lime peels or small wedges down the disposal.

About Donley AC & Plumbing

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