Forrest Anderson Plumbing and A/C Offers Tips to Avoid Costly Utility Bills

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The warm weather this April is a good reminder for Valley residents to prepare their homes to be as energy efficient as possible before temperatures skyrocket. With so many people working and attending school remotely, experts at locally owned Forrest Anderson Plumbing and A/C recommend starting new daily habits to keep homes cool and make sure air handling systems are running at peak efficiency.

“The most important thing people can do to save money on their electricity bill is to make sure their A/C unit cools their home quickly and to the correct temperature before we hit the summer highs,” said Audrey Monell, President of Forrest Anderson. “Just like a car needs regular oil changes, an A/C unit needs regular servicing to prevent small issues from turning into big problems when the systems are under the strain of extreme temperatures.”

When the Valley heats up, common issues can become big problems. A certified inspection will identify refrigerant leaks, dirty coils, loose connections, and other concerns. In addition to getting A/C units serviced, here are 8 simple things homeowners can do to be energy efficient and save money.

1.       1. Turn up the thermostat –Raising the thermostat one degree saves up to 3% on energy costs, so aim for 78 degrees when combined with fans. Installing a smart thermostat can make the transition easier by automatically adjusting the temperature.

2.       2. Shade windows – Close curtains and blinds to block sunlight and consider adding exterior shade screens. If you are remodeling, consider investing in double or triple pane windows, and plant trees in front of south and west facing windows to block the sun.

3.       3. Change lightbulbs – Switch out older lightbulbs with LED’s that give off less heat and use less energy. Make a habit of turning off lights, videogames, and electronics when not in use.

4.       4. Use fans wisely – Set up desk fans wherever the family uses computers and switch ceiling fans to spin counterclockwise to push air down to feel up to 5-degrees cooler. Get in the habit of using a bathroom fan while showering to remove heat and humidity, and take advantage of kitchen and laundry room fans that vent air outside.

5.       5. Keep doors open – Keep internal doors open to let air circulate. Closing doors changes the air pressure which can make A/C units work harder.

6.       6. Replace air filters monthly – Dirty air filters can cause the A/C unit to work harder, increasing electric bills and repairs. Check filters monthly and after each Monsoon storm and vacuum the air intake vents.

7.       7. Seal leaks – Use an infrared thermometer to check for air leaks around windows, doors, and in the attic. Sealing gaps with caulk and weatherstripping reduces energy costs and dust.

8.       8. Get an energy audit – An audit can identify air leaks and insulation gaps and help determine the best energy plan.


Some families also use super cooling techniques to bring the home down to 68-degrees for a few hours and then turn the A/C off to let the home slowly warm up. It will significantly cut energy use, but with everyone spending so much time at home there can be a huge adjustment to get used to the temperature swing.

Forrest Anderson is a locally owned, third-generation Glendale company that provides every customer with a 4-point Complete Service™ Experience to identify problems that can cause A/C units to break down. With each visit, they take the time to make sure customers understand all their options using high definition photos on a tablet. To schedule an appointment for an A/C service check, call Audrey Monell at 623-780-4060.


About Forrest Anderson:

Forrest Anderson Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. has been providing exceptional service to the Phoenix area since 1961. A third-generation family business with over 60 years of experience, Forrest Anderson remains committed to its founder’s core beliefs: treat your customers right, treat your employees right, do your best work, and always do the right thing. Forrest Anderson technicians operate under a four-point service model (understand, discuss, solve and deliver) to provide a consistent, high-quality experience each and every time. ROC: O68884, O80357, O68784, O32411. For more information, call 623.428.0215 or visit

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