Fender Looks to Market Guitars to Women

Fender Looks to Market Guitars to Women

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is putting increased marketing of its guitars and amplifiers towards young women.

The Scottsdale, AZ-based Fender found that in recent studies, women made up about half of its new guitar buyers. But rather than buying guitars in a physical guitar outlet store, these women were buying their Fender guitars online. This may have something to do with the intimidation factor from guitar professionals of buying in a guitar store, or maybe young women are buying 90% of their items online anyway, and guitars are no different.

The increased popularity of rap and hip-hop music has lessened the enthusiasm of young people to go out and get a guitar to learn. This in part has pushed companies like Gibson Guitars and Guitar Center retail stores into dire financial straits. But Fender seems to be bucking the trends. Fender’s CEO Andy Mooney mentioned in a recent
Forbes article that the last quarter of 2017 showed double-digital growth in sales of guitars, amplifiers and accessories.

New line of acoustic guitars

Fender’s new California Series of acoustic guitars is aimed at this female demographic. The acoustic guitar series was designed with a softer touch, and celebrates the Southern California folk rock roots. These guitars are easy to hold, sound lively, and help capture that magical California vibe, from the famous music clubs to the beach hootenannies.

The California series includes the Malibu guitar, built just right for young women. The Malibu has a slim, narrow body, and its sound makes it ideal for recording. There are 11 different colors to choose from, and all of them come complete with the Fender guitar quality.

Fender Play

The company’s popular Fender Play app program helps new guitar players learn to play through taught video lessons from top instructors. It’s available on Android and at the App Store.

New guitar players can review videos, learn new chords and play better on guitar with Fender Play. Download Fender Play for iOS in the App Store here and for Android in Google Play here.

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