It’s a fecal matter- awareness for dog owners

It’s a fecal matter- awareness for dog owners

As I walk the neighborhood with my four-legged companion, I’m often forced to play hopscotch in several areas of our path. We live in what was described by many residents as “nice, clean, friendly” neighborhood, but, to some level I disagree. People are crappy (literally) and that “clean” doesn’t apply to areas, where those crappy people walk their dogs.

In my perspective, if you call yourself a dog lover, you don’t just own a dog. You own all the responsibilities that come with it. Cleaning after them included.

Dog owners who leave that rancid and gross fecal matter, make the rest of those who actually clean up after their pooches look bad. 

One evening I was approached by a lady who sent me straight to hell by yelling all sorts of profanities, and claiming my dog just left something behind in her front yard. I wasn’t even close to her house, but apparently, I was her target just as her yard was a target to some little dog that passed by recently.  All I could do was to suggest she compares the size of my dogs’ poop to the one she was pointing at.  If this little turd came out of my 130 lb giant, I would be very happy and in a very big trouble at the same time. I don’t think my dog was ever pooping Hershey Kisses like that even when she was a puppy.  

 On a serious note, it is very disturbing knowing, that this accumulating amount of dog sh*t is being left by our residents. I am certain, that if someone dropped a pile on their lawn, they would be livid, and complain to the world about others behavior. As mature adults, aren’t we supposed to be a good example to our degenerate society? We complain about coyotes, a mailbox drop-off, weeds on neighbors yard that reached it’s 2″ unacceptable height limit, or neighbors having a birthday party past 9 o’clock on Saturday night.  We complain about pretty much anything that doesn’t fit our lifestyle, but do we ever look at our own behavior? Not so much. None of us is perfect but being crappy is a fecal matter.

Let’s clean up after our dogs, and keep the walkways clean! For you. For me. For our children. For the new walking shoes, I just bought….for crying out loud!

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