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The time is rapidly approaching when many will gear up, arm themselves with Christmas lists, and brave the Olympic shopping event known as Black Friday. While some will make their way to the nearest big box store, others will gather round screens, timing each click of the mouse while quickly and carefully filling their virtual carts. Whether you prefer a traditional or virtual cart, the tradition of gift giving is alive and well, and with minimalism on the rise, so is the trend of giving experience gifts.

I think many parents can relate to dealing with piles of broken or discarded toys only weeks after they are opened. Bobby loved his race car…. for two minutes. Janie got so many dolls that none really peak her interest, they sit in a pile collecting dust. Cindy’s puzzles are all short a few pieces, and are now falling out of the cupboard, never to be used again.

 Giving the gift of memories or experience places mindfulness and intention front and center. There is less grabbing from the shelf and more pondering on a loved one’s unique personality and entertainment preferences. In exchange, this style of gift giving can offer a very thoughtful alternative that won’t add to the piles that we have grown accustomed to in the past. For many who will be giving and receiving this Christmas, especially those with children, the less potential clutter involved, the better.

Fortunately, the availability and affordability of experience gifts has only grown. There are countless ideas of what you could give to a loved one that can be purchased with a click of a mouse and won’t take up precious space in your home. Many businesses offer gift vouchers that are easily purchased and redeemed at a later date. They sky is the limit.

 Does your teenager love the adventure of rock climbing or zip lining? Do your grandkids love animals or learning about dinosaurs and want a pass to the zoo, or museum? Maybe you have a sports fan to surprise with tickets to several upcoming sporting events.

For those with loved ones that would prefer a wide variety of experiences, a gift voucher for a Phoenix Pogo Pass might be just the ticket. With free admissions to multiple venues that include Diamondbacks Games, Sunsplash Waterpark, KTR Family Action Sports Center, Phoenix Rock Gym, Fat Cats Bowling, Phoenix Zoo, Uptown Jungle Fun Park, Idea Museum, AZ Zipline Adventures and more, you will be giving the gift of memories all year long.

Pogo Passes offer free admissions to the best venues in the East Valley, and are good for one year from purchase date, pro-longing the gift far beyond Christmas. Use promo code MYLOCALNEWS at to get 20% off each Phoenix Pogo Pass Gift Voucher, lowering the price to only $39.98 per pass. Purchase between November 22nd and December 2nd with the same code, and receive an additional $5 off.  Give your loved ones the gift of memories all year long, clutter not included.

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