Childcare Desert, Daycare Shortages, Lead to Innovative Childcare Solution Launching in Phoenix

Childcare Desert, Daycare Shortages, Lead to Innovative Childcare Solution Launching in Phoenix

According to a recent report from the advocacy group ReadyNation, the lack of quality and affordable childcare is a major issue hampering employees, mostly women, from returning to the workforce post-COVID. A new company just launched in the Phoenix marketplace, called Caribou, is focused on alleviating the childcare challenges, like a lack of qualified caregivers and long wait lists at daycare centers across the Valley, by matching fully-vetted stay-at-home moms with families looking for childcare.


Phoenix has the largest child-to-day care ratio in the U.S.according to With more than 21,000 children under five for each daycare facility in operation, finding a daycare with room is only the first obstacle for working parents. Even in cities where childcare is readily available, it is often unaffordable. Childcare costs have increased annually for the last five years, with parents often spending more per monton childcare than it costs to rent a one-bedroom home.


Many of the Valley’s parents are experiencing what experts are calling a “childcare desert.” Defined as a community in which residents do not live in close proximity to affordable and qualified care professionals, the issue of a childcare desert has been exacerbated with the global pandemic.


“As parents contemplate a return to in-person work after the global pandemic, new problems arise,” said Caribou founder, Jordan Kong. “Having a baby during the pandemic was a blessing and a curse. On one hand I was thankful to be able to spend time at home with my family, but realized quickly that childcare options were severely limited as I planned my return to work. That was my impetus to start Caribou.”


Started by working moms, Caribou’s mission is to provide high-quality childcare that’s easy to set upaffordable and customized for each families’ individual needs. Caribou provides the highest quality of care for a fraction of the cost of a nanny. 


Caribou is an online matching service focused exclusively on childcare, connecting stay-at-home moms who have a child of their own with families looking for high-quality care at a reasonable cost. It offers a personalized approach and support, including easy-to-use online booking and payment tools, so users can take care of scheduling and more, whether at home or on the go.


At Caribou, we remove the stigma that a stayathome mom is not a real job,’” added Kong. “Stayathome moms can provide a valuable service and earn an income for their hard work.” 


Caribou has a dedicated team that conducts interviews and scrutinizes all care providers including an identity verification check and extensive background check prior to starting care. On average, Caribou care providers have 10 or more years of experience in the childcare spaceOnline matching is essential to connecting families with caregivers who share common ideas and strategies for child rearing. 


I am a new mom so I understand the challenges of leaving your child in someone else’s care,” said Stephanie McAlpine, Caribou’s local ambassador. “For me it is important for my daughter to socializewhich is why I joined the Caribou community. It has been wonderful meeting like-minded mothers and giving my daughter the opportunity to play, and learn, from other kids.” 


Since launching Caribou, nearly 100 stay-at-home moms across Metro Phoenix are providing safe and personalized in home care for children. Caribou childcare services are currently available in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale and Peoria. 


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