Celebrate National Sandwich Month at Miracle Mile Deli

Celebrate National Sandwich Month at Miracle Mile Deli

Miracle Mile Deli is the ideal place to celebrate National Sandwich Month this August. The states oldest delicatessen is notorious for the most lean and mouthwatering pastrami in the Valley, selling more than 50,000 pounds of the perfectly steamed and sliced meat annually, not to mention iconic sandwiches like the “Straw” and “New Yorker.


“There is no better place in the Valley to enjoy a sandwich than Miracle Mile Deli,” said Josh Garcia, vice president of the deli. “In my opinion, sandwiches are just about the most perfect food. With a wide variety of meat, cheese and bread combos, the options are for sure plentiful. Plus, sandwiches are easy to eat, portable, and most importantly, delicious.” 


Established by the Wheat Flour Institute in 1952, National Sandwich Month is a great time to try a new concoction or revisit an old favorite hand-held entree. 


All month long, Miracle Mile Deli is celebrating National Sandwich Month with delicious deals on some of its most popular sandwiches including The New Yorker (hot pastrami, homemade coleslaw and Miracle Mile’s signature dressing)thefamous Straw sandwich (hot pastrami, melted Swiss cheese and steamy sauerkraut), The Combo (hot corned beef and hot pastrami piled high),  the incredible Brisket of Beef Sandwich and mouthwatering Hot Corned Beef Sandwich. For just $14,sandwich lovers across the Valley can enjoy these award-winning options complete with golden hot fries (or another side item of their choice) and kosher dill pickle. 


At Miracle Mile, we encourage customers to take creative license with their sandwiches,” added Garcia. “We can customize almost any sandwich. For me, I love our hot pastrami and our beef brisket. I throw those two meats on a sandwich, add Swiss cheese and 1,000 Island dressing on a signature kaiser roll with some piping hot fries on the side… it’s simply heaven on a plate. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it!” 


Miracle Mile Deli’s hot pastrami has won several awards over the last 74 years because of the process taken to ensure its tenderness. Each day, chefs place the pastrami in a hot steamer at 6 a.m. where it sits covered for nearly five hours to tenderize. The delicate process helps the meat retain all its natural moistureThis process adds extra flavor and tenderness to the meat itself, creating scrumptious and tender beef


Fun sandwich facts: 

• Astronaut John Young once smuggled a corned beef sandwich into spaceYoung notoriously slipped the sandwich into his pocket just before launching on Gemini 3 on March 23, 1965, which caused a minor scandal. 
• The basic concept of the sandwich long predates the Earl of Sandwich, the real-life 18th-century aristocrat who reportedly loved them, and gave them their modern name. 
• At least two tons of hot pastrami are sold every month at Miracle Mile Deli – that’s the equivalent weight of a Dodge Charger
• The perfect accompaniment to any sandwich is a kosher dill pickle. Miracle Mile Deli serves roughly 20,000 each month
• More than 32,000 pounds of corned beef and brisket are sold annually at Miracle Mile Deli.


For more information about Miracle Mile Deli and seasonal specials, visit www.miraclemiledeli.com


MIRACLE MILE DELI was founded by Brooklyn, NY native, Jack Grodzinsky in 1949. Owned and operated by Jill and George Garcia, Grodzinsky’s daughter and son-in-law, Miracle Mile Deli is currently managed by Josh Garcia, Grodzinsky’s grandson. The family-friendly restaurant is one of Phoenix’s most iconic dining institutions. For more than 70 years the establishment has been owned and operated by three generations of the Grodzinsky/Garcia family. It continues to draw hundreds of visitors each day for its consistently delicious food and warm dining atmosphere. Customers have become accustomed to Miracle Mile’s signature New York-style favorite sandwiches such as “The Straw,” “The New Yorker,” and “The Triple Decker.” Miracle Mile’s massive menu of salads, comfort food, burgers and beer on tap, offers something to everyone, not to mention the top-notch customer service. 



4433 North 16th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Mon-Sat 11 am-7 pm – Closed Sundays. 

Twitter & Instagram: @miraclemiledeli

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