Burglars Spook Northwest Tucson

Burglars Spook Northwest Tucson


The northwest part of tucson is now on high alert as a series of burglaries has taken place in the area around Orange Grove and River, with what seems to be a team of burglars breaking into or attempting to break into a number of homes on that side of town. The burglars appear to be undeterred by whether or not there are people inside; most of the burglaries have been attempted late at night or early in the morning when residents were asleep in their homes.  

A recent story involves a family of six, in which screens on windows had been popped and pried, and a custom-made Harley-Davidson motorcycle taken out of a backyard and driven on a 150-mile joyride before being dumped in a nearby wash. 

The burglars had stolen a few items in some houses, but didn’t successfully get away with anything in others. Victims report that the burglars have been “methodical” in their tactics, signaling that they were not amateurs. The burglars have generally tried to enter homes through window screens, as several homeowners reported their screens being popped out or at least showing evidenced of being pried. 

In one case, the burglars cut a wire leading to a security system, disabling it and allowing them to enter without being detected. 

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department is currently investigating the burglaries, and is collecting leads or tips from any one who has information or eyewitness testimony. Law enforcement has swept the aforementioned Harley motorcycle for fingerprints and DNA evidence to try to secure suspects. 

To contact the Pima County Sheriff’s Department with leads, tips or crime reports, call Call (520) 88-CRIME (27463) or visit 88crime.org.  You may also contact them online at https://www.pimasheriff.org/about-us/contact-us/.

The Pima County Sheriff emphasizes that effective home security starts with properly locked doors and windows, a well-lit exterior; and better landscape design.

Other tips to keep your home safe:

  • Alarm systems are a popular way to protect your home. Check with several companies before buying a system. Keep the system on and updated.
  • Thieves can often spot weak locks that are easily forced open. Use deadbolts for reputable companies. Be sure you change your locks IMMEDIATELY if you lose your keys.
  • Exterior doors should always be solid wood, fiberglass, or metal with a peephole. Sliding doors should have rods placed in the track and all doors, including those attached to the garage and should be locked when leaving the home.
  • Keep the perimeter of your house well-lit and check lights periodically. Shrubbery should also be trimmed away from the entrances.
  • Install locks on all windows and never leave the window open wide enough for someone to make entry.
  • Vandalism is the willful or malicious destruction of public or private property. It can be prevented by staying alert and reporting suspicious activity.

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