Bisbee Car Show Coming Up!

Bisbee Car Show Coming Up!

One very exciting venue is coming to Southern Arizona this weekend, and Saturday, September 1, promises some pulse and life! Cochise County is hosting the 10th Annual Cars and Bikes on the Streets of Bisbee show. The event benefits the Boys and Girls Club in Bisbee. This will be running concurrently with the weekly Bisbee Farmer’s Market. Both events are in the same vicinity, so visitors can easily stroll from one to the other. 

Cars and Bikes at the Vista are producing this 10th annual show, and they are excited to see more participation from outside of Cochise County. Welcome, all! Between the car show and the farmer’s market, there are many great options for food and shopping. The 2 main routes taking visitors here from I-10 run either through Benson and Tombstone, or through Benson and Sierra Vista. 

Although car shows have rooted deep into US tradition, the truth stands that people around the world are fascinated with the mechanics behind the machine …. with the aesthetics of the body and interior …. with speed …. with green efficiency …. they will come. What would draw the crowd less enamored with cars, trucks, and bikes? For some, the opportunity to support a charity such as the Boys and Girls Club of Bisbee. For others, the inspiration for a photo, a poem, a soundscape, a collage. Foodies will have options to sample from and shoppers can find curious and must haves. One important element of the Bisbee Car, Truck, and Bike Show is family time. Thank You to the host and hostess, the sponsors, the participants, and others involved in producing a community enriching event. 

The car show and farmer’s market commence at 9:00 am on Saturday, September 1, and are planned to run until 2:00 pm. Visitors will be able to shop locally grown produced and grass fed beef raised here in Arizona. Some vendors, like Bisbee Good Cakes, also have a storefront open after market hours in the historic district. Treat yourself to a cake flight at their new location, 44 Main. Bisbee Good Cakes is one of many local businesses in Bisbee, that supports the community through charity by giving back 15% of sales from Bisbee Blue Corn and Pinon Nut cakes to the Arizona Firefighter Athletics organization.  

Visitors will discover many options for dining in Bisbee and Tombstone, along with tours of the Copper Queen Mine (Bisbee) and the Toughnut Mine (Tombstone).

Visitors can also count on finding authentic Sonoran food in Cochise County, available from food trucks, to small comfort diners, to sit down restaurants. The tried-and-true chain restaurants are around to serve the less adventurous. The Sierra Vista Public Library provides the best resources right now for general and specific interests in the county, as well as the state. They provide an extensive birding guide and other maps gratis to the public for hiking and bike trails, as well as a state map with travel highlights. Tienen los folletos de viaje en Espanol. There is also a Sierra Vista dining and lodging guide available, but the pamphlet has woefully missed listing a hidden gem for dining in Cochise County.

Sierra Vista has this hidden gem at 149 S Carmichael Avenue. Sometimes you can smell the smoker from blocks around. For sit-down dining, Down Home BBQ offers rich, ambrosial Kansas style BBQ,  you know that signifies the sweetness of the thing. For palates craving Southern and Soul, there is fried okra, hush puppies, cornmeal fried catfish, and chicken and waffles. The family behind Down Home BBQ also brings to you flavors from a multicultural background with gyros, teriyaki, and curry options. There is also lighter fare, including fresh salads. The meats are smoky, the sauces are served on the side, the body feels satisfied, the soul feels uplifted with the flavors. Down Home BBQ definitely brings Southern and Soul to the Sonoran!  

Another hidden gem in Cochise County is Chatita’s Steakhouse in Douglas. Not only do they select choice cuts, but they cook them to satisfaction for steak lovers. Rare is not interpreted as raw, and medium rare does come out reduced into flesh well done. The family draws from their Sonoran roots and offers authentic plates. They also serve an enormous Chatita burger, fresh salads, and even an occasional  teriyaki special!  

Bisbee merchants and hospitality community, of course, welcome visitors to dine and shop in the historic district. You can always preview and review the life at #Bisbee4fun. 

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