ASU Prep Digital Helps Schools to Reduce Student Learning Loss Due to COVID Quarantine

ASU Prep Digital Helps Schools to Reduce Student Learning Loss Due to COVID Quarantine

After powering through a year or more of remote and hybrid learning due to COVID, a significant share of traditional school districts are returning to familiar in-person models this school year. Even so, the advantages of online learning remain clear, particularly in the event of student quarantines. 

To prevent COVID learning losses, ASU Prep Digital created a new offering called Learning Under Quarantine. Here’s how it works: ASU Prep Digital provides online instructors to teach students who miss in-person learning due to a quarantine, providing a practical solution for schools that simply do not have the human or financial resources to operate dual in-person and online models. The innovative approach increases teaching and learning time simultaneously, while keeping students up to date with the school content and curriculum they have the potential to miss because of a COVID quarantine.

ASU Prep Digital is an online PreK-12 school, developed by Arizona State University, that combines easy-to-use technology with a strong curriculum, qualified educators, grade-specific and concurrent college courses, and customizable solutions. Each of these components blend to create one-of-a-kind formulas (or learning plans/models) that are customized to meet the needs of schools and students, helping them to succeed and advance academically.  

“We implemented the Learning Under Quarantine Model to assist schools’ reopening framework, so that quarantined students could continue learning, while also alleviating the burden on teachers and parents,” said Julie Young, Managing Director of ASU Preparatory Academy and ASU Prep Digital. 

The Learning Under Quarantine model, which started this month, helps schools to engage with and teach students who must stay home from school due to a 10-14 day COVID quarantine policy.

“Many schools are searching for an approach that lets them effectively teach in this still unpredictable COVID environment,” said Young. “At ASU Prep Digital, we have the advantage of a proven online program that gives schools and students the option to excel in a non-traditional way. Through an extensive collaboration process, we created this new Learning Under Quarantine model to fit the needs of more schools that could use this same type of quality teaching assistance.”

Learning Under Quarantine is customized by grade level and extends far beyond packets sent home for students and their families to navigate independently. Quarantined students can expect daily, live, one-on-one or small group instruction, in addition to asynchronous learning activities. Thanks to communication between each participating school and ASU Prep Digital, all material is aligned to curriculum and content, allowing students to transition back into the classroom seamlessly — all while alleviating the burden on teachers and parents. 

The Learning Under Quarantine curriculum is heavily focused on math and English Language Arts — two areas where student performance is closely tracked, but also foundational subjects that are the basis for all other learning. While parental supervision is expected, particularly with the younger students who may need an initial introduction to basics like logging in, it is not the parent’s role to oversee the education; ASU Prep Digital’s educators are on deck to fill that role.

Young points out that the advantages are not strictly academic; continued engagement while out of the classroom helps students maintain social connections and interaction, which is severely limited during quarantine. Learning Under Quarantine also keeps students in the habit of learning and discovering new things, so they are better prepared to acclimate back into to the classroom.

“Ultimately, this innovative offering can help to prevent learning gaps and losses for students in schools across the country and globally that face similar challenges,” said Young. “Staying engaged and learning while in quarantine amounts to an easier, more successful transition back to the classroom.”

What’s Next

A network of 12 schools in Cleveland, Ohio is currently utilizing the Learning Under Quarantine model. ASU Prep Digital plans to deliver the LUQ offering to more school districts, including at least one in Arizona and others throughout the country.

Although Learning Under Quarantine is the first model of its kind, forging partnerships with local school districts is hardly a novelty to ASU Prep Digital. To date, ASU Prep Digital has established working relationships with more than 1,338 schools and school districts across the country and globally. For more information about Learning Under Quarantine, send an email to: or visit 

About ASU Prep Digital

ASU Prep Digital is an accredited online K-12 school that offers a single online course or enrollment in a full-time, diploma-granting program. Because it is part of Arizona State University, ASU Prep Digital offers an accelerated path toward college admission and the chance to earn concurrent high school and university credit. For more information, visit


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