Arizona Employment Lawyer Offers Mindful, Serene Approach to Legal Disputes

Arizona Employment Lawyer Offers Mindful, Serene Approach to Legal Disputes

Being involved in a legal dispute is often stressful and overwhelming. That’s why the law offices of Joshua C. Black in central Phoenix have taken a different approach in an effort to put clients at ease, while still getting results.


The juxtaposition of litigation and a relaxed atmosphere is counter intuitive, yet that’s what Black and his team have created.


“When we moved into our new office location last year, our goal was to reinvent the law firm experience for our clients and provide a peace of mind that is hard to achieve while embroiled in a legal dispute,” said Black. “We designed our workspace to include clean, calm lines with comfortable furniture and an array of live plants throughout the office to bring a quiet life to the space.” 


Black’s office is designed with a spa-like quality in mind. It includes calm colors and textures on the walls, ambient lighting and tranquil music. The objective is for clients to feel at peace when entering the building. The office also moved away from standard furniture typically expected in law offices – like conference tables and chairs – opting instead for comfortable couches. All these modifications are designed to set a relaxing atmosphere for potentially difficult conversations.


Black’s mindful approach is more than just office aesthetics though, it is ingrained into the law firm’s approach to litigation as well. Black’s philosophy of conciliation and pre-litigation resolution is unique compared to many other lawyers in the Valley. The office focuses on a holistic approach to client service, with the mindset of servicing the client’s needs and helping manage stress and anxiety associated with being part of a legal case. 


“Not only do we explore non-traditional options outside of litigation for our clients when available, we also work with our clients to ensure they have the tools needed to cope with the pressure and uncertainty of the legal process,” added Black. “Often times we assign clients ‘homework’ that includes stress-reduction exercises like taking a walk, painting, spending time with loved ones. These acts demonstrate how much we care about our clients’ wellbeing because they aren’t just another casefile to us.”


Through these approaches, Black and his team are able to forge stronger connections with clients and genuinely understand each person’s goals and needs. Developing genuine relationships allows the attorneys and staff to provide customized services to achieve both the peace of mind and legal results clients are seeking. The law office of Joshua C. Black provides thoughtful, detail-oriented representation helping clients feel at ease and assured the firm will stand behind them and fight for what’s right.


The Law Office of Joshua C. Black is an Arizona law firm that provides focused representation to its clients in employment disputes. They represent clients in a variety of employment related matters including wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation, sexual harassment, disability discrimination, wage disputes and more. For additional information visit


PHOTO: From Left to Right: Nancy Trujillo, Sara Tulane, Joshua Black, Gregory Sinning, Riggs Brown

Photo Credit: Molly Tulane

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