Are You A “Caring” Landlord?

Julie Jakubek, MBA Allstate Agency Owner 4650 E Thomas Rd Phoenix, AZ 85018 480-949-5670
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Just imagine that you own a house or a condo and you decide to rent it out.  You become a landlord, and you are happy with your tenants.  They pay on-time, clean up after their dog and don’t throw wild parties.  Everything is smooth until… the hose bursts on the washing machine and water covers the laundry room, kitchen and family room floors.  After your initial panic, you call your insurance company and they say, “You are covered!”  You reply, “Great, thank you!”  Then you proceed to ask the claims adjuster additional questions… again you said, “I am covered, right?”  Yes, the claims adjuster says again.  You question more since it seems too good to be true, “So, the water cleanup is covered?”  Yes. “Replacing the wet drywall and baseboards, is that covered? Yes.  Drying out or replacing my soaked cabinets from my laundry room and kitchen?”  Yes.  “Now, what about my tenant’s belongings?” Well, no, their items are not covered.  “What about my tenant’s hotel bills since they can’t live at the residence?” No.  You exclaim, “Wait…I thought you said I was covered? “ YOU ARE COVERED, not your tenants.  Your tenants need to call their renters insurance company to cover their belongings, their liability and their additional living expenses. You call your tenants and they mention that they didn’t purchase renters insurance!  Now what?  You ponder, since you are a “caring” landlord, do you need to pay for their hotel bills and their ruined personal property?

Solution…on every lease, REQUIRE, not suggest or recommend, that all tenants purchase renters insurance.  The cost is usually around $200/year and it covers the tenant’s personal property, liability, and additional living expense.  When you REQUIRE the renters insurance, also be named as an additional insured.  The insurance company will send you, the landlord, a copy the renewal, a notice if the customer misses a payment, or if the policy is cancelled.

Renters insurance, that the tenant purchases, give the renter and the owner peace of mind. 

That makes you a “caring” landlord!

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Julie Jakubek, MBA has owned her Allstate Insurance agency for 20 years. Julie is an almost native of Arizona, long-time Tempe resident, and Xavier College Preparatory alumni. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from NAU. Julie then earned her MBA at Pepperdine University. In 2014, she moved her agency from Scottsdale to Phoenix, where she purchased a free standing, mid-century modern building in the Arcadia area. Please stop by and visit at 4650 East Thomas Road (the corner of 47th St and Thomas) in Phoenix. Community and giving back is essential to Julie, so she donates her time, talent and treasures. Julie’s passion is teaching financial literacy and money management. She currently facilitates an eight week class called “Moving Ahead Through Financial Management” at Fresh Start Women’s Foundation. Julie believes in the mission of Arizona Council of Economic Education (ACEE), an organization that helps educators teach their children about finance and the economy. She has been on their board of directors for the past eight years. Julie is also a member of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, the Tempe Chamber of Commerce, the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau. Julie supports several other local nonprofits, including: New Leaf, United Food Band, St. Mary’s Food Bank and St. Vincent de Paul, to help underprivileged citizens that have fallen on hard times. Julie is currently on the state board of directors for the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA- Arizona). She has received many awards including Business Women of the Year for the Tempe Chamber of Commerce. Allstate accolades are numerous including #1 agent in AZ in 2009 and #3 agent in the entire country that year. Julie’s office culture focuses on taking care of people. It is evident when you meet Julie and her staff that they are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Every day as an Allstate Personal Financial Representative Julie’s work is different, interesting and sometimes challenging. She has made it a goal to learn something new every day, even with 20 years in business. Julie truly enjoys helping people and assisting them in choosing the protection that best fits their life. Julie says, “My favorite part of my career is empowering my team, my community and our customers to make great decisions to positively impact their future.”


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