Adopt Animal Shelter Pets

Adopt Animal Shelter Pets

Please Adopt Your Pet


Folks, we have an important plea for you.  If you are looking for a pet to bring home, please check out your nearest animal shelter.   There are so many loving pets that would make a terrific addition to your family.  There are dogs and cats (and sometimes other animals) of every type, age and size.  Surely one or two of them is perfect for you.



Why Is This So Important?


The simple reason is, you will be saving a life.  The shelters are usually full most of the time.  In order to make room for emergency cases, such as an animal being abused or neglected, pets in their care now have to go.  If there is no home for them, they are euthanized.  It is not possible to sugar-coat this.  It is exactly what happens.  Loving pets are put to sleep because there is no home for them. 


The Best Parts of Adopting a Pet


Words cannot express the look of happiness on a pet’s face when he or she realizes they are going to a new home.  People – they do know it.  They will bring so much joy and happiness to a home.  This is true, regardless if you are a family, roommates or an individual.  They will give you unconditional devotion and will be faithful and loyal for their entire life.  



Some Parting Facts


Whatever animal shelter you adopt from, your pet will be spayed or neutered when you take it home.  If it is too young, the facility will typically arrange to do that when it comes of age.  Some shelters will send home a little food to get you started.  If it is a small pet, sometimes the shelter will provide a make-shift carrier for it.  Please strongly consider this.  Again, you will be saving a life.  What could be better than that?

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