A Sustainable Alternative to Cardboard Moving Boxes Has Arrived in Phoenix

A Sustainable Alternative to Cardboard Moving Boxes Has Arrived in Phoenix

In 2015, paper and cardboard materials comprised the largest component of municipal solid waste and preventing one ton of paper waste saves 15 to 17 mature trees according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

To further the reduction of paper waste, the Phoenix based company Green Bin offers a sustainable alternative to cardboard moving boxes and allows customers to rent fully recyclable and portable eco-friendly bins.

Jeremiah and Natalie Rosenthal launched Green Bin January of this year and have just passed the delivery of their one thousandth bin.

“We just want to make it easier for people to be eco-friendly,” Jeremiah Rosenthal said. “So many times, when you hear eco-friendly, you hear expensive and inconvenient. We’re trying to get rid of those two things by making it more affordable than the traditional option and we actually deliver it to your house and pick it up when you’re done.”

With the customer having the choice of how many bins to rent and for how long, Green Bin provides wheelied dollies, 100% recycled packing paper and inter-locking, portable bins able to hold up to 60 t-shirts.

The bins are sanitized with non-toxic biodegradable cleanser before being reused and are fully recycled at the end of their life after 400 or more uses.

Jeremiah and Natalie Rosenthal came up with the idea for Green Bin after seeing a similar concept in New Jersey and they pursued their business with the goal of making Green Bin both eco-friendly and human-friendly for movers.

“Not only do we have a new business we have to market, which is difficult for any small business, we have the added conflict or challenge of marketing a solution that people don’t know they have a problem for,” Natalie Rosenthal said.

In addition to saving trees, Green Bin donates a portion of every bin’s profits to the Arizona Sustainability Alliance, a group founded in 2017 that recognizes sustainability as the core of continued improvements toward the lives of Arizonans, who uses the donations to plant trees in low-income communities throughout the Phoenix area.

Aubrey Urban, a program director at the Arizona Sustainability Alliance said the donations received from Green Bin go into their urban forestry fund.

“Our mission is really to create and support innovative sustainability projects and if you’re looking at the things that we’re doing, that we’re trying to accomplish, we’re really looking for those opportunities to push the envelope to create a bigger impact, do something new and create partnerships,” Urban said.

“Green Bin has been very kind and decided to support that work because it really aligns with their mission in being a sustainable company as well.”

For Jeremiah and Natalie Rosenthal, their mission and commitment is to have customers use their service instead of buying cardboard boxes and have so far diverted 500 pounds of cardboard according to Natalie Rosenthal.

Green Bin offers 10 to 80 bins for 1 to 4 weeks and assures customers everything involved in the process is recycled including the bins, packing paper and labels provided during the rental period according to Jeremiah Rosenthal.

The bins are made of number two plastic making them fully recyclable at the end of their life and are sourced out of Alabama as their company gives importance to buying as much local stuff as possible according to Natalie Rosenthal.

“The reason we got into this and we’re going to work this hard, we want to be doing as much good as we possibly can, so we always try to remind ourselves of our purpose and our purpose is really to say that 1000 bins equal four trees or equals five hundred pounds of cargo,” Natalie Rosenthal said.

“So far we’ve been able to contribute one tree by the end of April within our first four months and those are the sort of metrics that we’re really proud of that we track.”

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