A Guide to Streaming Christmas Movies That Will Put You in a Holiday Spirit

A Guide to Streaming Christmas Movies That Will Put You in a Holiday Spirit

The most beautiful time of the year is around the corner and you might already be in the mood for something festive. If you need a shot of some holiday cheer, then consider watching some of the best Christmas movies of all time.

In this article, we are putting together a list of movies to watch with your friends and family. Whether you are in the mood for a classic Christmas movie or a comedy one, just make sure you opt for TV channel streaming to watch a movie of your choice. This way, you can certainly put everyone in a holiday spirit. Now all you need to do is grab some movie snacks, snuggle up in your bed with a knit warm blanket, and get ready for a night of binge-watching.  But wait, you might need a list of amazing movies as well. Here is a guide to Christmas movies that you are definitely going to love.

1 Jingle All The Way

Jingle All The Way came out in November 1996. It has already become a classic movie since it’s considered to be one of the funniest movies of Arnold Schwarzenegger to date.

In this the movie, there is a character named Howard Langston, which is played by the Terminator star. He has a hard time getting a Turbo Man doll for his son. This movie is a family movie and even parents can relate to this movie. Why? Because almost parent knows the struggle of getting a popular toy for their kids when the Christmas holidays are upon them. If you are looking for a movie with great humor, you must go for this one!

2 White Christmas

This movie was released in 1954. There are two main stars of the movie, Private Phil Davis (played by Danny Kaye) and Captain Bob Wallace (played by crooner legend Bing Crosby). These two actors play the role of vets who aspire to become successful entertainers. But there is a very unquestionably romantic turn in the movie. You are likely to enjoy the movie more when both the friends will fall for sisters who also happen to be performers. This movie was a hit as it had a powerful impact on the American boys fighting in World War II at that time.

3 Home Alone

There are various reasons why Home Alone is considered one of the best movies of the ‘90s. Movie lovers still watch Home Alone because of its humor and some truly heartwarming moments.  We can even relate to some of its scenes. The movie revolves around an eight-year-old kid named Kevin who is abandoned by his family. When Kevin is home alone, some thieves break into the house and try to kidnap him. So, he sets up a trap for the thieves and also puts up a fight with them. Later, when his mother Kate realizes that she has left Kevin behind, she gets scared and feels so bad about it. Almost every parent would get scared if they did the same thing.

4 The Nightmare Before Christmas

Some people think that The Nightmare Before Christmas is more like a Halloween movie, but, in reality, its holiday-themed vibe makes it a perfect watch for Christmas eve. It came out in the early ‘90s, and it managed to stand out from other Christmas movies that were released in that decade due to multiple reasons.

Part of the reason why it is such an amazingly great movie, especially for the Christmas eve, is because it’s the main character named Jack Skellington is trying to figure out what Christmas is all about.  Another thing that makes it such a great movie is its unforgettable music.

5 The Ref

The main stars of this movie are Judy Davis, Kevin Spacey, and Denis Leary, and it came out in 1994. If you want to watch this movie with your family, here is a disclaimer for you: there is a lot of explicit language in it. Nonetheless, the movie successfully turns out to be a true classic.

In this movie, Caroline (played by Judy Davis) and Llyod (played by Kevin Spacey), are a couple who have never-ending arguments with each other. While Denis Leary is playing the role of a robber named Gus, he ends up spending an evening with the entire dramatic family while they are engrossed in celebrating Christmas together.

6 The Santa Claus

If you are in search of an appropriate movie to watch with the entire family, then consider watching The Santa Claus. It was released in 1990 and it is about the death of Santa Claus. Basically the main character of the movie is responsible for Santa’s death. Tim Allen, his humor and exceptional writing skills have made this movie a hit. On top of that, it is a Christmas themed movie and all about family, you will not regret watching it.

So, without further ado, take your pick from the aforementioned movies so you don’t get bored this Christmas. From us to you, have a merry movie-filled Christmas!

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