6 Tips to Welcome New Employees

6 Tips to Welcome New Employees
6 Tips to Welcome New Employees

As Phoenix grows its base of employers and employees, it’s become more crucial to the success of business owners here to have a plan in place for first-day hires. The first day at a job can be stressful for a new hire. So it’s important to have a well-prepared welcome mat in place for the candidate to ensure the person’s success in the job.


Imagine if a new hire walked into an office, was told to just wait at an empty desk, and received little guidance or welcome on that first day? Not only would that discourage the enthusiasm of the new hire, but it would also reflect poorly on the company. And in this era of negative social media comments and job board reviews, that could hurt the company’s reputation later.


So if you’re a business owner, here are the basic elements you need to have in place to welcome a new hire to the company, and make that person’s first day go great!


  1. Have a proper desk set-up ready to go: A new employee needs to have a workstation. And your internal manager will have to show the new hire where they will work (presuming an in-office job). Make this a priority.

  2. Have company emails and protocol in place for the new hire: There’s nothing more discouraging than a new employee sitting down at a workstation, and none of the relevant internal systems, email, web access and more are in place. It tells the hire that the company really doesn’t place the person’s arrival with any importance.

  3. Get all paperwork ready for signatures: If the paperwork has not already been done online, then make sure to have a welcome pack of papers in order and ready for signatures. Also, have any relevant insurance papers, NDA forms or other papers ready.  

  4. Direct Supervisor email to the new employee: The direct supervisor should send an encouraging email to the person, welcoming them, outlining the initial meetings for the week, and include an invitation for lunch with the supervisor on the first day.

  5. Company-wide email about the new employee: Supervisors should send a company-wide email out about the new employee, why the person was hired, how the hire’s background fits the needs of the company, and what other interesting characteristics the person brings to the company. Provide the employee’s email and ask others to say hello.

  6. Prepare weekly meetings with new hire: Solicit feedback from the new hire at the end of the first several weeks. It could be a Friday lunch, or a short mid-afternoon meeting. See how the employee is fitting in and do this for the first 3-4 weeks to ensure integration with the company staff and overall mission. With a prepared plan in place, your new hires will channel their enthusiasm for the new job into the actual work to help your company succeed.


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