3 Step Guide to Flourish in the Post COVID-19 World

3 Step Guide to Flourish in the Post COVID-19 World

In the midst of increasing uncertainty, global business leaders are making decisions to help their stakeholders cope with the immediate impact of the pandemic and the resounding effects of its consequences. A crisis of this magnitude forces businesses to rethink how they operate, so there is no better time than now to embrace sustainable business principles and catalyze sustainable business evolution. In fact, business leaders can use this moment in history to make lasting and impactful change towards building a more sustainable world. 


This is an opportunity for business leaders to incorporate socio-environmental thinking into the core of their business models. Businesses around the world are already reaping the benefits of sustainability, including optimizing risk management, improvinging efficiency and productivity, protecting the bottom line, meeting consumer demand, increasing shareholder value, growing brand sentiment, safeguarding stakeholder engagement, and gaining a competitive advantage. Your business can make this shift by taking a few simple steps, prepared for you by the GreenLight Solutions Foundation. 


GreenLight offers a Sustainability Seminar Series as an educational employee engagement opportunity. During times of social distancing, these Lunch & Learn-style seminars can boost team morale and provide a continuing education opportunity. The Seminar Series provides a great introduction to the concepts of sustainability and puts your business on the path to creating a culture of sustainability, which is a critical first step to establish employee buy-in, and really drive change in your organization.


Here are a few simple guidelines to bring sustainability to the forefront of your business.


  1. Understand the principles of sustainability

There’s a common misconception that sustainability is focused only on the environment. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Sustainability requires a comprehensive perspective of the interconnectedness of our world. A simple way to think about this is to acknowledge that social, natural, and financial systems are all dependent on each other. In other words, when the well-being of people, planet, and profit are balanced, they sustain. This balance creates long-lasting, unwavering solutions that keeps society, the environment, and the economy thriving.  


Any industry or job function can be viewed through a “sustainability lens” and  sustainability professionals deliver unmatched value through a special skill set of systems thinking, futures thinking, strategic thinking, interpersonal skills, and normative thinking. GreenLight’s first seminar teaches you these concepts as well as sustainability fundamentals, global and local examples, and the business opportunities for sustainability.


  1. Implement and create a culture of sustainability

If you want to create lasting change in your organization, you need to build a culture of sustainability. When the office culture embraces sustainable concepts, it is much easier to get the team behind more substantial, and sustainable, change for the business. Sustainability is more than just knowledge, but is a perspective and skill. Identify your baseline, areas of improvement, and start by applying key sustainability competencies to onsite operations with simple steps like recycling or composting in the office. GreenLight’s second seminar will give you tips and tricks to sustainable office management to build a culture of sustainability in your workplace.


  1. Align with the Global Goals

Learn about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals. Join businesses, universities, communities, and nations worldwide and discover how your existing company goals align with the SDGs. These 17 powerful, interconnected goals outline the global sustainability challenges we all face today. Greenlight’s third seminar focuses on the SDGs, exemplary case studies from businesses worldwide, and how to align your organizational goals with the SDGs.


For a sneak peak of our Sustainability Seminar Series, view our exclusive Business Resilience in 2020 Seminar. To schedule your Sustainability Seminar Series, contact the GreenLight Solutions Foundation. Help your family, business, community, and nation #buildbackbetter and create a #newnormal you can be proud of. Connect with GreenLight and reap the benefits of sustainability today.


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About Greenlight Solutions Foundation

Greenlight Solutions Foundation’s mission is to educate and empower students and professionals to create positive social, environmental, and economic change through sustainability initiatives. GreenLight’s Learn, Strategize, & Implement programs are designed to meet businesses from where they’re at in sustainability, offering their Sustainability Seminar Series, Strategy Workshops, Professional Solutioneer Certificate, GreenLight Bootcamp, and Student-Led Projects. As a seven year sustainability movement, the Foundation has educated over 40 local businesses and empowered more than 250 university students. 


Writer: Jennifer Min

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