4 Things to consider while planning a millennials’ party in LA

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Did you know that an approximately whopping 10 million millennials live in California alone? That’s the biggest concentration of millennials in any of the U.S. states. With so many diverse millennials near and far, planning an exciting and lively party isn’t that hard as long as you keep a few pointers in mind. A lot of people may come for the free alcohol, but let’s make sure they stick around for everything else you’ve planned. Here are a few important things to consider when throwing your next LA house party.

Narrow Down a Theme

Every party has a theme, even if you don’t know that you have one! Throwing a casual get-together to drink wine in the kitchen? That’s your theme right there. The theme of your party can be anything from a low profile gathering to a full-on spooky Halloween party. The theme greatly depends on what the occasion is. If there’s a nearby holiday or event, your party can be centered around that. Most of the decisions surrounding your party takes root from the theme — from decorations to the dress code to food and beverages. Arguably, the most important part is making sure all of your guests are aware of the theme, especially the location and dress code! No millennial likes showing up overdressed in uncomfortable heels just to struggle on the grass of your backyard barbeque. Likewise, if you’re expecting a specific color theme or costume, make sure you mention it when sending out the invites. 

Make it Snap-worthy

Chances are your party is going to end up landing a few Instagram stories or snaps by your guests, so don’t forget to put your best foot forward. Decorate the main area where you plan to have the gathering whether it’s in the kitchen, lounge, or backyard. If you’re throwing a full house party, then the best approach is to scatter separate stations of food or activities in different areas of the house. Decorate each station according to your theme so your guests feel the party spirit in every corner of the house. 

Don’t Forget the Munchies

No matter what your party budget is, you’ll need to splurge on food and beverages. Even if you’re not setting a buffet, you can never have too many snacks. Charcuterie boards have quickly become a millennial favorite this past year and the best part is that they’re easy to make custom at home with your favorite assortments of cheese and other complementary ingredients. Don’t forget to stock up on the drinks as well. It’s best to keep a variety of preferences in mind by stocking up on both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. If you’re starting to run low on the initial batch of drinks and can’t leave to get more, consider ordering the alcoholic beverages to be delivered instead. In any case, you don’t want to leave your guests with empty stomachs. 

Keep Them Entertained 

Entertainment is key when throwing a party, but how can you entertain your guests while being able to sit back and enjoy a bottle of beer at the same time? Having your entertainment planned in advance is a great place to start and, again, it goes back to what theme or mood you want to set. If you’re throwing a casual gathering, a few drinking games and a rhythmic playlist are the only things you’ll need for a chill night. However, for a larger crowd, consider getting a DJ who will provide the liveliness of the party and won’t leave anyone standing bored in the corner. You can also set up smaller activities, such as a DIY photobooth, for variety. 

Overall, throwing an LA house party that will please any millennial isn’t difficult to achieve with a little planning. Make sure your guests are aware of the mood and theme of the party beforehand so everyone enjoys the night to its fullest. As the old saying goes, be the hostess with the mostess by not holding back on ordering enough food and drinks for everyone. And, most importantly, make sure entertainment is guaranteed whether you’re throwing a casual evening or a lavish party. 

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