Scorpion Repel Provides Pesticide-Free Option for Protecting Your Home

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Scorpion Repel is a solution for homeowners who would like to prevent scorpions from entering their home for good, using safe and affordable measures. This is especially important now with record-breaking temperatures and humidity pushing even more scorpions into homes, where 90 percent of scorpion stings occur. 

Scorpions, especially the Arizona Bark Scorpion, are the most venomous in North America and are prevalent across the Valley and the southern desert regions of Arizona.  Scorpion Repel’s patent pending application is the only formula that has proven to be effective and has been tested extensively in deterring scorpions from homes without using chemicals of any kind. 

The one-time clear application is applied to the base of your home’s exterior, and prevents scorpions from climbing up the walls and gaining access to your home and eventually entering your home through small cracks. The application is safe and it does not discolor your home’s exterior. 

Many families have suffered injury and countless others have experienced frustration in dealing with scorpions and infestations. 

The founders of Scorpion Repel, Aaron Gonzales and Tony Gonzales, know firsthand the frustrations of scorpions. 

Tony’s 3-year-old son Jaxon was stung three times on the right elbow by an Arizona Bark Scorpion in their home. Jaxon cried for hours in pain, and the local urgent care knew very little about scorpion stings. Even the Internet offered very limited information. After nearly 12 hours in medical care and a $15,000 medical bill, Jaxon recovered from his scorpion bite that nearly killed him. 

Out of frustration, Tony contacted his childhood friend Aaron because he knew Aaron was working on a special formula to prevent scorpions, since traditional pesticides were not working on his home. 

Aaron shared Tony’s frustration as he did not want to expose his 6-year-old son, Mason, to dangerous pesticides. His son loved to run around the home and his curious demeanor put him in danger. 

In an effort to safeguard his home, Aaron paid $2,000 to a company to seal his home but shortly after the treatment scorpions continued to find ways to enter his home. 

Aaron tried everything to rid the scorpions and nothing worked. One night, Aaron was stung by a scorpion inside his home. The incident caused him great pain and a phone call to poison control offered little help. He was forced to spend several days in bed recovering and missed days from work. 

Aaron was determined to find a remedy and so over the next two years, he developed Scorpion Repel by studying the scorpion’s habits, traits and movements. He learned pesticides were ineffective.  After much trial and error, one formula worked.  He treated his home and found no scorpions at all.  Scorpion findings decreased drastically from three to five per day down to two within a two-month period. The next summer, he found only one scorpion. Finally, an effective formula was developed and he felt that his family was safe inside their home. 

Scorpion Repel is safe, effective and it is revolutionizing the way homeowners protect their home and families from scorpions. The formula stops scorpions when applied to the exterior base of your home, preventing them from climbing up the walls and entering. The formula is also applied to all door thresholds, steps and other parts of the home that have contact with the ground. 

Scorpion Repel costs as little as $499 and it lasts for three years compared to spending a deposit of $250 and being charged $50 a month by most pesticide companies for three years. 

When you call to schedule a visit, a professional technician will arrive, meet with you to answer any questions you may have and perform a walkthrough of your home. 

For questions or to schedule an assessment, call Scorpion Repel at 480-202-5500 or visit their website at

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