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With all the confusion of the Coronavirus, it can be difficult to determine what Arizona businesses are open.  This brief article does NOT contain a list of open businesses.  Instead, it describes where on the Internet to go to obtain that information.  Website addresses are included. 



Source #1 – AZ Big Media 


This website lists many of the Arizona restaurants currently open for business.  The site includes the categories and provides an alphabetical listing of each restaurant within that category.  The site allows you to click on the restaurant you are interested in.  It then brings up the website of that restaurant where you can find all pertinent info.  The site address of this source is 



Source #2 – 12 News.Com 


Many people already know that 12 News is a great source of relevant information on all things Arizona.  This includes business details.  Here too you can find out the facts on restaurants.  However, this source has much more.  It also lists gyms, pools, and numerous retail businesses all around the state.  This is an excellent website to take notice of if you want all the data on your favorite merchants.  The site address is  Of course, you can also tune in to their daily broadcasts for the most recent news.   


Source #3 – AZ Secretary of State Website 


This is an excellent place to find the most up-to-date news on the pandemic itself in addition to business status.  It has an entire section dealing with our Secretary of State’s response to COVID-19.  This site also contains info on what will happen during election season AND on Election Day regarding the virus.  This website address is  AZ SOS contact data is also provided here.   



Final Thoughts 


The sources discussed here are a mere snippet of what is available on the Internet on all things related to the virus.  If you have a preferred source that is not listed here, you can do an inquiry on your favorite search engine.  The best sources are listed on the first couple of pages.  Everything you need to do your own research is right there.  Remember, this is a difficult time for the entire state of Arizona.  The merchants and our leaders can use all the support they can get.   

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