Arizona’s Food Bank Needs Your Help

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Citizens of Arizona may or may not be familiar with St. Mary’s Food Bank.  They are a charity icon in the Valley, providing free food to those families and individuals who so desperately need it.  St. Mary’s, and other similar organizations throughout our great state, need YOUR help.  Not only is school out for the summer (which means children do not have access to those meals every day,) but the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in millions of people being out of work.  Now more than ever, St. Mary’s food resources are stretched to their breaking point.  They simply do not have enough food for the masses of Arizona people who need it right now. 


What can you do to help?  Actually, there are several ways.  Allow us to describe them.  First, you can donate non-perishable food items at scores of locations around the state.  Many of these locations can be found on the Internet, or through radio and television ads.  When you do your food shopping, please buy just a little extra food.  Then drop it off at one of the participating locations.   


Another way is to go online to the St. Mary’s Food Bank website and donate money.  St. Mary’s will use this money to purchase food for hungry citizens.  There is no minimum amount and you are not required to make it a monthly donation.  They realize a lot of people are experiencing financial hardships at this time.  So, donate as much as you can spare, whenever you are able to.   


Volunteer your time.  St. Mary’s needs volunteers in many different capacities.  This includes food collection, transporting food to and from various locations, dispersing that food to hungry people.  Folks, this is merely the beginning.  St. Mary’s is COMPLETELY COVID-19-compliant.  They are observing ALL safety precautions and guidelines.  Therefore, if you volunteer your time, you will be safe in doing so. 


Arizonans – St. Mary’s Food Bank needs your help now.  Please do whatever you can to assist them.  You will literally be saving your fellow Arizonans from starvation.   

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