Reopening of Arizona Businesses

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According to Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, some Arizona businesses will begin re-opening this week and next.  Which businesses will be included?  What steps will they be taking to keep patrons healthy?  That information is revealed right here in this article.  Please read.  

Some businesses will be reopening this Friday, May 8th.  They include hair and beauty salons and barbershops, as well as those referred to as non-essential businesses.  Non-essential businesses in this case include some retailers.  If you want to know if your favorite business is reopening, give them a call on or after May 8th.  

Meanwhile, many dine-in restaurants and coffee shops will be opening up again on Monday, May 11th.  There have also been recent articles on the Internet that suggest many hotels, motels and resorts have been open all this time and are planning on keeping it that way.  Again, if you have a location or two you favor in any of these groups of businesses, give them a call first before attempting to go there.  At this point there has been no decision made regarding gyms and fitness-oriented businesses, though many in the AZ Legislature and communities are pushing for that.  Stay tuned for further information on this.

So exactly what is being done to ensure that the public is safe in these establishments once they do reopen?  Plenty!!!  The reopening plan comes with mandates that each business continues to practice social distancing and strict hygiene routines.  Let’s take dine-in restaurants for example.  They will need to limit the amount of customers that can be in their place at one time.  Additionally, they must make sure customers can sit at least six feet apart from each other.  Plus, in this time of COVID-19, they have to be extremely vigilant about wiping down furniture and other sanitary measures in between customer visits.  If any business does NOT follow these new rules, there could be consequences.  

In the long-run, it is up to individuals to decide if they want to venture out into public places at this time.  If you are not feeling well, or are just not comfortable doing so, then please stay home.  For more information, turn to the following link:  For further details on Arizona business industries reopening, stay tuned to local news or the Internet.  Again, the decision is yours.

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