Learning New Things During Lockdown

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Okay, so now most of us are under a lockdown order from their political lockdowns.  Now what? Instead of becoming depressed about this, use the time to learn something new.  There are many reasons to learn new things. What are some of them and what methods of self-education are there?  Keep reading this and you will find out.

Learn Something For Your Job


Is there some kind of function or computer program at work that you aren’t quite that good at?  Now is the time to learn that. Perhaps it will even help you advance your position. What about learning a new language?  That could be fun and maybe it will lead you to a new career. Here’s an idea – learn how to play an instrument or two. This might not be a career-changer, but you will enjoy it.

Learn It as a New Hobby or For Your Own Personal Knowledge


It is plausible that you are seeking something to fill in your leisure time with, even going beyond when our country gets back to normal.  Maybe there is no real purpose involved, it is merely something that interests you. Now is the time to do that. It can make this down-time very enjoyable for you.

How Do You Do That Under Lockdown?


With modern technology, you can learn anything from the safety of your home.  There are online educational facilities, educational programs on the Internet.  There are even some you can stream from your big-screen television. Then the whole family can participate.  There is printed literature; ie, books, articles, educational publications, research papers. Of course most libraries are closed at this time.  However, most of these things can also be accessed over the Internet. Try a search and see what you come up with.

Virtual Educational Group Meetings


It is a great idea to join or start groups where educational discussions are taking place.  At times you can learn so much from the wisdom of other people. This is another thing that you can now do from home.  There are many software applications that allow meetings to be conducted over the Internet. If you are technologically-challenged, there is always the tried-and-true method of conducting these meetings via telephone.  You do not have to physically see someone in order to learn from them. Their voice should be sufficient.



People, these ideas are not a waste of time at all.  Each of these suggestions are things you can continue to do once the country gets back to normal.  Hopefully you will have a job to go back to. In that case, whatever new thing you learn now can be continued on your time off from that job.  Instead of viewing lockdown as a bad thing, look at is as an opportunity to further your education. Have fun!!!

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