2020-2021 Enrollment to attend Noah Webster Schools is in full swing

2020-2021 Enrollment to attend Noah Webster Schools is in full swing

It’s hard to believe enrollment for the next school year is already upon us.  Whether you are a parent looking for a school for the first time or a parent looking to transfer your child into an excellent learning environment that meets your high standards of education, the responsibility of looking where to educate your child can be a bit overwhelming. In this day and age, you aren’t just picking a school, you’re investing in your child’s future.  The more prepared they are now, the better prepared they’ll be for Junior High or even High School. 

Noah Webster Schools stands apart by grouping their classrooms by ability, allowing teachers to adjust the learning pace for each group and provide individual attention, boosting the confidence and determination of students as they realize their individual progress.  Additionally, Noah Webster Schools adds another component of differential learning by implementing a standard-based technology program.  Noah Webster Schools promotes student achievement by providing their highly qualified teachers and education design teams with the ability to identify concepts and topics that the individual student has either mastered, or may need additional assistance with. 

Noah Webster Schools understands the importance to teaching to the well-rounded child. Setting the school apart by providing established programs such as Physical Education, Art, Library and Music has been the standard at Noah Webster since its conception in 1997.  Equally important is the opportunity for students to join one or more of the extracurricular activities offered such as Band and Orchestra, Ukulele Club, Show Choir, Recreation and Baseball camp to name a few.  These programs are offered before or after normal school hours to provide parents with a beneficial and safe environment.  Furthermore, Noah Webster Schools offers free transportation and a 6:00 am-6:00 pm before and aftercare program for working families. 

With a hands on approach the Principals at each campus work together to grow a cohesive and effective program across the valley, so even a move does not have to disrupt your child’s education.  The principals work directly with the teaching teams and each other in order to continually develop a cohesive environment to support their staff and promote ongoing professional development.  This process is in place to support the staff as well as provide their students with the most current learning techniques and tools. 

To schedule a tour with the Principal and have the opportunity to learn more about Noah Webster, email [email protected] or call 480-772-6149. 

Noah Webster Schools, we will accelerate your child’s academic life.  www.noahwebster.org    

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