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Every day, we thrive to have a better life. We wish for something a person richer than us have, we wish to be envied for the things we have. It’s a common trait within ourselves and that’s alright. As long as we don’t wish for the other person to die or get hurt – it’s okay to want something better. However, in today’s capitalist society it is very difficult to step out from one class and step into the next – let alone a lifestyle. More like the classic story Death of a Salesman, many enter a delusional world and prefer staying there because the present world is hard to be a part of.

We all have certain aspirations and inspirations that force us to keep climbing up no matter how steep the path might be. We can’t achieve any of that without working hard but we can achieve one of the many things we desire with the help of a good internet connection.

How can the internet help you maintain a better lifestyle?

Yes, it might sound absurd thinking how a mere piece of technology can do anything for us to have a lifestyle let alone a better one!

1.      Be that part of the system!

Everyone is going global these days so why can’t you? Maintain a social presence on social media platforms … more importantly, make your presence matter. Voice your concern and be heard. Voice the ones who are unable to voice their own issues. Make as many peers as you deem fit; meet them every day via social media. Be there without hesitation of your internet connection leaving you midway.

2.      Connect & Unite

Stay in contact with your loved ones whether they are in town or not. Be it a long-distance relationship or friendship – you can talk to them every day via Whatsapp, Viber and WeChat etc. If you want to see them – just Skype.

Moreover, with the help of tinder and such apps – go on dates and meet new people every day. The internet is a huge cupboard with a variety of drawers – just pick your favorite. 

3.      Chef mode on.

Guest are coming over and you don’t know what to serve? You can’t do anything but boil an egg? Relax, the internet has it sorted out as well. All you need to do is watch a tutorial. The internet is filled with zillions of food tutorial videos. Surprise your guests and family by making something totally delish this time. Just make sure your internet doesn’t buffer too much because then your dish might end up with a totally different burnt taste.

Moreover, you can even eat healthily and keep a check on your diet requirements with the help of internet. If you don’t want to follow the diet charts already updated on the internet – create your own by googling what’s best for you and what’s not.

4.      Swish swish, bish!

House party? All friends club?

No worries. Tune-up the moods with any music you want. From Taylor Swift to Katy Perry – move yo’ body with your friends all night long. You don’t have to go buy a CD and still not have every good song – you have a whole library of music in the shape of the internet with you. So just swish swish here and there.

5.      Tone & Train

You don’t have time or money to spend on the gym? That’s alright. You can easily tone yourself by taking online training. The internet is filled with cardio exercises to do at home. Be your own trainers and take fitness into your own hands.

6.      Update your Security

Want to have a check on your home security system even when you are miles away? No worries!

All you need is to choose a security setup that inculcates AI or internet within it, in order to connect it to your mobile. With this done, you just need to tap on your mobile’s screen to switch on or off your lights, fans, kitchen burner, temperature barometer etc.

7.      Learn and Practice

Want to learn chess or an instrument or literally anything at all? Internet is the key to all this as you don’t need to waste your time traveling too much to get to a class. Join an online class and learn whatever you want. Be it photography, Adobe Photoshop, SEO or a violin!

With this said, best of luck in achieving a better lifestyle – it’s all on the internet but it could be difficult to come around. Sometimes your ISP would be an arse and other times your heart. No one can handle your heart but yourself but your ISP can be handled – connect to a better one that has both quality and a reasonable price and quantity.

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