Opinion: Purchasing Simulated Gemstones

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Whether you realize it or not, there is a stigma associated with buying gemstones that are simulated.  Be it diamonds, sapphires, opals, or whatever, if it is simulated it must be a bad purchase, right?  What if we were to tell you that is wrong, that there are several good reasons to buy simulated gemstones?  This blog will delve into that a little bit. 


Perhaps the best reason to own simulated stones is to protect the real, natural ones you possess.  It is rather risky to wear your prized jewelry out in public, anything could happen to it.  Whereas, if you wear simulated stones; if you lose them, you have lost relatively little of value.  Who needs to know they are simulated?  Unless you tell everyone, most people will never know the difference. 


The other obvious reason is the cost.  Of course, simulated stones cost far less than real ones.  You can own a plethora of jewelry pieces that are simulated for the price of one or two natural pieces.  Nowadays the designs of such pieces have vastly improved, many are quite stunning to look at.  It is possible to buy simulated stones of virtually any type and color.  Therefore, you have something to wear with every outfit you own.  How great is that?   


Another reason that may not be so apparent is the relative ease of finding simulated gemstones.  Most often, they can be found at any jewelry counter in any retail store.  There is no need to go to a specialized jewelry store.  Any store worth its salt will display signage saying which pieces are simulated.  There should not be any guess work involved.  The person at the counter should still be able to answer any questions you have about the stones, or the metals, or the designers, or whatever.   


If you don’t believe us, do some homework and see for yourself.  Go online, read about it and view photos.  Go to various jewelry counters, see them in person, ask a lot of questions.  Then try buying one or two pieces and see what happens.  Everyone will tell you how beautiful they are.  Nobody except you needs to know your secret. 


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