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Over the past decade, Adopt Technologies has grown exponentially, and has made a name for itself in the technology business in Arizona.

Adopt Technologies is a Cloud computing company whose main goal is to provide personalized IT services to customers, without having to be their onsite IT department. Adopt’s Cloud platform provides this service remotely.

Adopt wasn’t always Adopt, it was originally Directrix Computer Solutions started by Joshua Shinar in 2003 and provided traditional IT services.

Brett Helgeson’s construction company was a client. Helgeson soon joined the Directrix Computer Solutions team to help on the business side which allowed Shinar to focus on technology.

He ended up taking over the business later on and completely rebranding, changing the name to Adopt Technologies.

“We adopted all three of our children, so we created our family through adoption.” Helgeson said, “Obviously when you consider technology adoption as well, utilizing and embracing things that are different and not your own.”

Over the years they have adapted to growing concerns of cybersecurity and now offer data backup services and advanced security as well as the Cloud platform and traditional IT services.

“Part of our core offering is an immense amount security functionality that is built in,” Chief Technology Officer and Partner Ryan Treisman says, “So when people are on the internet within our Cloud platform, using the desktop in our Cloud, there is a ton of protections in place, which is one of the values we offer.”

Clients use Adopt’s Cloud platform, which backs up their data daily. This serves as protection from ransomware, a type of malware designed to hold data hostage until the company pays a hefty sum to regain control of their system.

They also have systems set up to detect any other type of malicious activity.

“We have proprietary solutions that are constantly looking for intrusions and detections of unknown malicious activity and correlating that,” Treisman said, “then automatically taking action to block those threats.”

The Cloud eliminates the need for companies to have their own dedicated servers for IT purposes, instead, their information is stored in a secure data facility.

Treisman says that Arizona is ideal for these kind of data facilities, citing the lack of natural disasters as one of the key factors in locations for these centers. Which, is one of the reasons why Arizona is now a booming location for technology companies.

This, combined with a strong professional IT workforce, has made Adopt’s client retention rate of nearly 100%.

“We want to strive to do the best for our customers in every circumstance.” Helgeson said, “We are a small company and we know there are a lot of things we feel that we can improve on. Certainly, in most cases we are our own worst critic.”

On Adopt’s website, their about page starts with “It’s about more than technology. It’s about people.” Adopt takes this concept to heart, not only with their clients, but with their employees as well.

Adopt organizes nights where employees and their families can participate in group activities to foster a supportive atmosphere.

“The only way you can develop relationships in most cases is to expose them to new experiences in a group outside of the work environment.” Helgeson said, “I think it is awesome to see our team members with their families and that interaction.”


Their supportive employee culture translates to company success. Helgeson says that they have around a 97% client retention rate, which has resulted in Adopt experiencing significant growth year after year.

So much so, that they have recently earned a spot in the Inc. 5,000 list. This list is the 5,000 fastest growing companies in the country and are ranked from percentage revenue growth from 2014 to 2017. Adopt ranked at 2,152 on the list.

Erik Droge, the Chief Financial Officer of Facings of America, an upscale tile company, has been working with Adopt since the Directrix Computer Solution days.

 “My expertise is selling tile; my expertise is not IT and security.” Droge said, “Having my own servers left us vulnerable and we obviously can’t keep up with the new stuff out there that can affect your business and shut you down. Putting it in the hand of experts makes sense.”

Droge says that Adopt’s “people first” values are key to his relationship with the company.

“They don’t look at us as just a client and I don’t look at them as just a vendor.” He said “I look at it as a partnership and they are there to fill that part that we’re lacking and to ensure that we can continue to do business and do what we need to do.”

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