New Book Explains Why The 1950s/60s Investment Model Investors Still Use Must Change

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In 2008, the stock market crashed, throwing the world economy into a tailspin. This put people’s homes at stake, delayed their retirement plans and forced them to spend many more years building back their investments. Yet, even after this disaster, the way fund managers invested or advised clients to invest didn’t go through a much-needed redesign. The same broken portfolio styles with the same risks remain widespread today.

“Broken Pie Chart: 5 Ways to Build Your Investment Portfolio to Withstand and Prosper in Risky Markets” [Emerald Publishing] by Derek Moore outlines a new approach to investing  that can help build a portfolio designed to weather risky interest rate environments.

Moore demonstrates that by understanding why the previous system failed, individuals can take control and reshape their retirement goals in light of modern day challenges.

“Broken Pie Chart” focuses on:

● Why investment strategy must be updated from the 1950s/60s model investors are

currently using

● Why traditional asset allocations may fail in the coming decades.

● How a rise in global interest rates could greatly impact current investment


● How changing retirement ages and flat returns should alter investment strategy

● How to maximize investments for peak returns at optimal times.

This invaluable guide will help average investors and industry professionals alike to understand the risks to vanilla stocks and bonds portfolios and to build an optimized portfolio allocation that can withstand and even prosper under the trickiest market conditions.

Moore is the founder and president of Razor Wealth Management LLC in Scottsdale, where he helps individual investors build portfolios to weather various market conditions. He is also a director at ZEGA Financial, where he educates advisers and individuals on option-centric strategies designed to minimize risk. He is an authoritative voice in this field, with vast experience as an educator and adviser working with both retail and institutional investors. Moore’s time at TD Ameritrade has made him an active speaker and a go-to voice in the media on investment practices.

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