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In passing, his usual modest dress and demeanor render him almost inconsequential. Share some space and time with him to catch his general vibes and energy. Discourse with him quickly becomes engaging. Acquainting with the man progresses to a fascinating exploration of the works of multi-faceted Montigue Eaton. 

 Monti’s work consistently captures, then renders the qualities of conviction, compassion, and resolution. He is a master of aesthetics, and the goddesses of Muse lean over his shoulder. However, his work also stands strongly on a foundation of order, method, and precision. Much credit goes to the sheer will and discipline required to direct the flows from his soul, to his mind’s eye, to his hands, through the brush and paints, onto the canvas. 

The spatial scopes and dimensions of his work encompass mural size to small focal pieces. There is a transcendental fluidity to his painting most notable as he moves between the realms of Cubism and Expressionism, while his photography suggests an affinity for Rococo. Montigue Eaton picks up a brush, picks up paint, and maneuvers through scales and proportions. He directs Light and Shadows onto the canvas, defining that pout in those lips, the furrow in a brow, the sentient gaze of those proverbial windows into the soul. 

  Artists are generally assumed to nurture deep passions for hedonistic stimuli. Montigue Eaton has distinguished himself as an artist moved by compassion and human empathy. The man and his art  portray a journey of struggle, humor, hope, and promise of greatness to come. The artist’s heart lies partly with the segment of the local community contending with autism. Monti is developing an initiative which assists these individuals in exploring mediums and techniques of classical and modern art forms.

Montigue Eaton and his works are very accessible with time lapse videos and even live feeds. He warmly welcomes interaction and inquiries at his Facebook: @bottleknothollows. Peruse his shop on Etsy at BottleKnotHollows. His art and photography are featured on #Bisbee4fun and on Instagram: @montiguescamera . And finally, CONGRATULATIONS to Monti for achieving top honors in the 2018 Best of Bisbee Awards for artist / photographer! Artist Montigue Eaton

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