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“Welcome to Bisbee Good Cakes!” When you visit Bisbee Good Cakes, Tom and Kathy will welcome you with open arms and luscious cakes!   Cakes, scones, and cookies will catch your eye and hold you with their bright colors from fruits, earthy colors from spices, rich colors from cocoa. At the table, the aromas of cranberries and apples will entice you. Whiffs of cinnamon, mace, and cardamom will beguile you.  

It’s easy to anticipate the flavors. They surely  taste even better than their enchanting aromas. You will hear, “Can I offer you a sample of cake?” Tom will hand you a slice of something divine. If you have the pleasure of enjoying a cake flight infused with Tom’s interesting history and anecdotes, your tour will commence with his first cake, Vanilla Banana  Power Cake. It delivers a powerful flavor of bananas and vanilla, and it certainly has the texture of cake — not bread. Running marathons for over 30 years inspired Tom to develop his own energy food, specifically eliminating the ingredient of whey. Individual cakes bear tags listing nutritional information, and the fitness minded will appreciate this Vanilla Bean Power Cake to accompany marathons, hiking, cycling – any activity demanding energy fed from “power foods.”  

Tom began selling his cakes at the Bisbee Farmer’s Market. In short time, customers began requesting a cake for vegans. After several celiac patients asked him for gluten free cakes, Tom created the Oh So Fragrant Cranberry Apple cake (YULE).      You may be able to catch the titillating cranberry whirling with warm spiced apple before you taste it. The tang of cranberry either stands out or blends with the apple, depending on the amount of fruit in your bite. 

If you are not in a rush, Tom will promptly offer you another sample of something sublime, perhaps his Angel Almond. Only the hyper discriminatory will detect in a blind tasting that this angel food cake is made from just 3 ingredients. The cake tops are crusted, but the rest of the cake follows the airy, fluffy, foamy texture of angel food.   

You might taste the Coconut Lime cake. It can certainly charm coconut lovers with 3 levels of coconut: 1-the texture of ultra fine flower, 2-the hint of coconut milk, and 3-shredded coconut in the cake. The lime manifests itself more as a hint, preventing the citrus from overpowering the coconut. You might end up trying the Orange Essence cake.   The texture may impress upon you strongly as a sponge cake.     One can envision the cake accompanied with an unsweetened whipped cream, or even a sauce of heavy cream and sprinkled with blended spices.  

Maybe during a trip here, you will sample one of Tom’s star cakes: the Blueberry Lemon Tart.     The lower half distinctly has the texture of cake. Shortly after you taste the cake, the lemon curd emerges, and you finish with the pudding creaminess of a tart. For those of us who appreciate more than a hint of lemon, you will love the stronger assertion in tartness and flavor. The overall blend of blueberry with lemon depends on your bite.

Other cake lovers are sure to amble in during your visit to Bisbee Good Cakes.     Tom and Kathy love to chat with visitors, and Tom usually asks where they come from. You will find that out-of-towners (further than Tucson) number equally with the locals, in addition to his base of phone and internet orders. You may meet a very young man named Magnus.     A preschooler with very discriminating tastes, Magnus adores the Neolithic cake. His mother is surprised but relieved that he requests this treat at every opportunity, even over cake pops from a major chain!  

Tom has, in fact, thrilled many parents and children (for different reasons) with his cakes. The Devil’s Food and his Chocolate Joy     are unadorned compared to the frosted mounds of preservatives sold at the grocery store. Their rich chocolaty, CHOCOLATY flavors more than atone for lack of artificial embellishment. They appease the child’s love for chocolate, while placating parents with their nutritional value. Enthusiastic, young repeat customers probably provide some of the best testimonials for the appeal of  Bisbee Good Cakes.

Bisbee Good Cakes has transcended mere desserts to accompany a larger meal. Their cakes have actually progressed into a real source of FOOD, nutritious sustenance which pleases the senses as a sweet treat.  

Following this philosophy, Tom created a cake for a local Bisbee firefighter. Presenting to you: Tom’s Bisbee Blue Corn and Pinon Nut GoodCake. If you come from deep southern regions of the United States, this will remind you of “cornbread cake”, perhaps made with buttermilk.     The corn flavor and texture come over strongly, but stay very distinctive from cornbread and corn cake. Tom donates 15% from sales of Bisbee Blue cakes to Arizona Firefighter Athletics.

One most unique cake not to miss: Tudor Pepper and Spice! Tom layered the cake to first hit the palate with cardamom and mace, transition to clove, and finish with pepper. As with all of Tom’s cakes, no frosting or topping is needed, and in some cases may even diminish each cake’s flavors.     However, this cake may also haunt you with pleas for unsweetened whipped cream. This cake clearly stands as a fine blend of Art and Science. Tom painstakingly researched a cookbook compiled in the late 1500’s. After decoding a complex Germanic form of English, he set about calculating and refining measurements for ingredients. His efforts have yielded a dessert which is reminiscent of ginger bread in flavor, yet distinctly a fine flour cake in texture.     For those who enjoy a European style of baked goods, this cake is sure to please! You will be hard pressed to find another dessert comparable to Tom’s own Tudor Pepper and Spice cake.

If you cannot make a trip to Bisbee Good Cakes, you are still able to indulge in those enchanting cakes by having them shipped! They come 6 cakes for $13, or 12 cakes for $18. These delectable collaborations of Art and Science won’t fail to please the epicurean palate, while appeasing any conscience. Best of all, Tom is always envisioning new flavors and more textures. Speaking of visionary, Bisbee Good Cakes has collaborated with Bisbee Tasting Room and Fine Art Gallery of Flying Leap Vineyards and Distillery to present a contemplation of Cake And Wine. Both are absolutely worth planning a stop for.  GO Bisbee Good Cakes.

Right now you can visit Bisbee Good Cakes at 105 Main Street in downtown Historic Bisbee, next to Ana’s Seasonal Kitchen. AFTER SEPTEMBER 1, they will relocate to 44 Main Street. The cakes alone are worth a trip to Bisbee, although there are many other attractions and distractions, and you can preview and review all at #Bisbee4fun.

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