(Viewpoint) Protect Public Education Funding, Vote NO on Prop 305!

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This coming November Proposition (Prop) 305, in support of the deceptively entitled Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) voucher program, will be on the statewide ballot. Citizens will be protecting public educational funding by voting NO on Prop 305!

The Prop 305 ESA voucher ballot proposal will do nothing to empower our public educational funding system. When ESA voucher money, paid with our tax dollars, is diverted to private schools it will not to go to our public school teachers, support staff and school facilities, because 95 percent of Arizona’s children don’t even attend private schools.

ESA Vouchers are a welfare for the rich program to take our tax dollars away from our public schools in the form of ESA vouchers, and fatten the coffers of the private school system where the affluent families choose to send their children. The only reason that Prop 305 is even on the ballot, is because ESA vouchers are financially backed by out-of-state “special interest groups”, which are more appropriately described as elite carpetbaggers.

Prop 305 and SB 1431 Background

Prop 305 is on the ballot is because when this big government giveaway was originally passed by the politicians in the state legislature as the Senate Bill (SB) 1431 ESA vouchers bill, many Arizona residents immediately recognized what an educational funding scam it was. These Arizona residents immediately cried foul, and then mobilized into the Save Our Schools Arizona (SOS Arizona) referendum petition committee. The objective of this petition committee was to put SB 1431 on the ballot so people could vote on this funding charade.

After petitioning under the relentless Arizona sun, in August 2017 the SOS Arizona volunteer petition activists scored a major strategic victory. When they delivered 111,540 anti-SB 1431 signatures to the Arizona Secretary of State Office, the SB 1431 ESA vouchers were on their way to the November ballot as Prop 305, so we can vote it down.

Demand Excellent Arizona Public Schools

                The NO on Prop 305 forces are your neighbors, local parents, teachers, business leader and many others who demand excellent Arizona public schools.  In contrast to these groups, the main financial backers of Prop 305, do not even live in Arizona.  They could care less about our public schools.

Two of these carpetbaggers, are the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, who fund the ESA Voucher support organization named the Americans for Prosperity. Another such support organization is named the American Federation for Children, which was organized and financed by out-of-state billionaire Betsy DeVos. Gov. Doug Ducey and his legislative allies have proven themselves to be subservient stooges for these nonresident plutocrats.

Both the SOS Arizona petition drive and the #RedforEd movement, are public evidence that many of Arizona’s taxpayers will not tolerate turning over control of our public education system to some nonresident elitists. It is our public education system, and not theirs. Between now and the November election, the SOS Arizona activists will use their organizational network to expose what an educational funding charade Prop 305 ESA vouchers really are. To truly support public education for our children, we must vote NO on Prop 305!

More information is available at  https://www.facebook.com/SaveOurSchoolsArizona/  and  https://sosarizona.org . As this struggle approaches the election, SOS Arizona is urging others to get involved.

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