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Owning your own home is the ultimate American dream. But many people face uncertainty and self-doubt when applying for a home loan, with thoughts of poor credit ratings and massive down payments hanging over their heads. That’s where Alliance Home Loans comes in, with dedicated staff determined to find solutions for every borrower while making a difference in the community.

Founded in 2004, Alliance remains true to their mission: to lead the industry with ethics and integrity, and create relationships while improving lives. “We focus on how we do it, not what we do,” said founder and owner Jamie Korus Pearce. “Our primary purpose is how can we affect people’s lives. We understand that a home is the most important thing for families because not only does it help them create wealth, but it is also where they raise their families and create memories.”

Alliance team members are passionate in their pursuit to provide more opportunities for people to make their dreams of owning a home come true. They strive to impact lives in a positive way and give residents a good experience with home ownership. “We believe it’s one of the most important things that can happen, as it makes our communities better places to live,” Jamie said.

The determined Alliance attitude is demonstrated with their focus on old-fashioned underwriting, where they read through loans, paper by paper, in order to find the best way they can make it work for the customer. Their two-person decline policy ensures that loan applications are thoroughly examined at least twice to make sure they aren’t missing anything. “This way, we can find the most possible solutions for borrowers and we end up approving loans for customers that have been turned down before,” Jamie said. “That’s because other companies haven’t taken the time to go through that loan and find a solution to help that borrower.”  

This stellar service has propelled Alliance to substantial growth, as they funded just under $1 billion in total loans in 2016. Thirteen years of proven success with satisfied clients have allowed Alliance to grow to nearly 250 employees and branches in seven states. As a mortgage lender specializing in residential mortgages, Alliance offers a variety of loan products, from conventional loans to second chance loans and everything in between. 

Many people are unaware of this variety of options and lose hope of owning their own home after rejections or financial stress. Jamie says one of the biggest misconceptions is the amount of money needed for down payments. “I think a lot of people believe that you still need to have twenty percent down, but there are many loan products that allow you to purchase a home with as little as three percent down.”

Another common belief is that those with a bad credit score or previous bankruptcy will not be approved. “That’s just not true- there are loan programs that are still viable,even with bankruptcy or liens.” Self-employed residents should also know there are options readily available for them.

The recession brought with it a negative connotation associated with the mortgage and real estate industry, but Jamie set out to change that perception with Alliance. “I wanted us to go back and do what our industry did in the beginning, when this whole American dream became a reality. I really wanted to create a company that had career-oriented loan officers with a culture that focused primarily on impacting our borrowers lives and giving back to our community,” she said. “We are not rocket scientists, we are not heart surgeons, but we do impact people’s lives and what we do is a very powerful and important thing.”

Although the housing industry is strong at this moment, Alliance continues to advocate for the consumers through activism on Capitol Hill and political discussions.  “We are delivering that message of what needs to be done to continue to expand the credit box and ensure more people are qualifiable.”

They are also committed to improving their communities and neighborhoods through the work of their Action Committee Alliance. Volunteers from the company help organize a charitable event to participate in every quarter. “We feel very strongly that if the community is entrusting us with one of the biggest purchases of their lives and helping our company to be successful, then we have an obligation give back to them.”

Alliance’s community involvement doesn’t end there. They are also active in their efforts to educate the public, especially the diverse millennial generation, on how to start a career in the real estate finance industry. While a license is required in order to conduct business, there’s no educational track to get there, making it difficult for college students and young professionals to pursue this path.  “We really want to represent our borrowers, and as they are younger and more diverse, we want to make sure that our staff is a good representation of that.”  

Alliance employees enjoy a one-of-a-kind collaborative culture. “It is a true family, and it’s absolutely amazing that they truly care about each other and what they are doing,” Jamie said. “In our industry, you see a lot of opposition between the sales staff and operational staff, but that’s just not the case here. Everybody works together, and you see that in the quality and performance of their work.”

Jamie says all their hard work is worth it, and the most rewarding part is seeing how their more personalized approach changes lives for the better. “When I get a letter or phone call from a borrower that took the time to say how happy they are and what a great experience they had… that’s why we do what we do. It feels great when you get those pictures of people in their homes, holding their keys.”

For more information, please visit the Alliance Facebook page or  Alliance Home Loans website.

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