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Now that the holidays are approaching people are once again paying more attention to charities.  This especially includes those that help the poor in our communities.  But how many people pay attention to these when the holidays are over?  Poverty does not end so readily for those whom it affects.  Think about it.


Other than holiday season, how often do people contribute to food banks, drop off unwanted clothing, help folks who want to clean up and get jobs, to do that?  These are things that could be done year round, even if not on a regular basis.  Those of us who do not have much money or goods to spare could always donate their time.  There are many people in need within each community in Arizona.  What are some things you can do?  Keep reading.


Contact a local food bank such as St. Mary’s or other similar organizations.  They can use people to make phone calls for donations or set up appointments for kind souls to drop off food.  If you are a bit more mobile, you can hand out food to recipients at a nearby soup kitchen or at the food bank’s other locations.  There are so many options here.


Drop off unwanted clothes and/or shoes.  There are hundreds of drop-off points clearly marked within shopping centers across the Valley.  Or do that at a place like Goodwill who uses the proceeds to help people gain employment.  Again, if you are short of money yourself, donate your time.


There are also things such as helping people learn to read, write, and other lessons so that they can better themselves.  You could probably volunteer at a health clinic to assist folks who are ill but cannot afford to pay a doctor.  Go onto your favorite search engine and type in whatever type of charitable genre you are interested in.  Remember, other people need help all year round.  Perhaps you can be their angel.

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