Autism Society Offers BE SAFE Training in Response to Police Video

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Have you seen this video?

This video and interaction is very sad and scary! There needs to be more training of police officers.  We certainly want to encourage law enforcement to have more training on autism.  However, we also believe that training people with disabilities to BE SAFE with law enforcement is another way to ensure our people with autism are safer in our community.

Here are some things our families CAN do:

  1. Make sure your own child has emergency responder interaction training as one of their habilitation/ABA/family goals.
  2. Attend the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix Conference this Friday and Saturday and get a free medical alert bracelet at the exhibitor fair. Register HERE
  3. Attend Dr. Diana Davis-Wilson’s presentation at the Autism Conference entitled: Are we setting our children up to fail? The Need for Targeting Emergency Response in Treatment of Autism   Register HERE
  4. Attend a BE SAFE Training (See the screening below on Nov 4th). Encourage someone from your child’s school or one of your provider agencies to send someone to our BE SAFE Train the Trainer Workshop.                  Register for BE SAFE Train the Trainer

We at the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix are proud of our BE SAFE Program

 We have done 24 trainings all over the valley. 

We have not done a training in Buckeye yet, but would love too!  Is there a Buckeye family that would like to help us locate a location to do a training? 

If so, please call us at 480-940-1093.

The BE SAFE training educates families and people on the spectrum on how to BE SAFE with law enforcement. This program also builds community relations with law enforcement and creates an opportunity for learning for the whole community including law enforcement. We welcome opportunities to educate and facilitate understanding about autism and our family members with autism. We speak for free to the community to raise awareness and understanding of autism. We also conduct our BE SAFE Programs for FREE!

We are partnering with Autism SpeaksAutism Society of America and SARRC to bring the BE SAFE Certification training to Arizona.

Our goal is to train 50 trainers in BE SAFE so that this training can continue on an ongoing basis around our state.  We believe this is just one step we can take to empower our families to BE SAFE with law enforcement. We also believe that this program will encourage and build stronger relationships with law enforcement and hopefully encourage more training on autism and other disabilities.  

The certification course is designed for professionals (school resource officers, provider agencies, social workers, BCBAs, psychologists, speech pathologists, school district Special Education specialists and OTs) that work with children and adults on the spectrum. 

The BE SAFE Train the Trainers Certification will take place on Friday, November 3rd from 9-4:30 PM and the interactive screening for teens and young adults with autism and their families is on Saturday, November 4th from 10-12:30 PM. 

Each attendee will be certified at the end of this event and receive the movie and curriculum. The pricing includes lunch on Friday as well.  If the attendee conducts 2 trainings in the following year and provides a picture, a write up of the event and the date of the event we will refund $125 of the conference fee. Please download the flyer to share with your school, agency or provider. Help us spread the word!


What would your son, daughter or student with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) do in an encounter with the police? Run? Fight? Shut down? Melt down? 

Those are scary possibilities. 

More and more news stories across the country focus attention on individuals with ASD and other developmental disabilities who have unsafe or even disastrous encounters with law enforcement officials. Can you afford to leave safety to chance? 

It is not enough to just train the police about disabilities.

Whether we are parents or professionals, explicitly teaching special learners what to do in different situations involving the police is essential for a safe and independent life. BE SAFE gives you indispensable tools to teach teens and adults to be safe.

This is why we are bringing the BE SAFE Certification training to our state. This training is designed for educators, service providers, the police and others who wish to have direct training to use the BE SAFE materials. We would prefer professionals who work with teens or adults on the spectrum and our goal is to have people from all over the state.

Certification Course:


This interactive workshop empowers you with the tools to address the safety needs of teens and adults with ASD. Participants view the BE SAFE The Movie, a video modeling tool that helps prepare students for a safe and independent life. The curriculum will be explored in depth, including games, activities, resources and goals for transition.  Trainees will be prepared to make a difference in the life of every teen and adult with ASD and receive a certificate of course completion. 

To learn more about BE SAFE, follow this link

Interactive Screening:


Don’t miss this community event for teens and adults with ASD and related disabilities (along with their parents, caregivers, teachers, therapists and staff). We will view scenes from BE SAFE The Movie, the exciting new video modeling tool that shows what to do and say in different types of police encounters. Local police will be on hand to try out fun safety activities with the audience. The messages of safety, boundaries, and following instructions in this presentation are relevant to every teen and adult, and can even be life-saving. This interactive screening will allow newly trained individuals to witness a screening to cement their learning.


Source: Autism Society of Greater Phoenix Newsletter

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