Tucson’s Escape to Italy and A Modern-Day Speakeasy

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Contrary to popular belief, you can actually find a piece of Italy right here in Tucson, Arizona. Specifically at Reilly Craft Pizza and Drink, a delicious and inviting restaurant located downtown on Pennington Street. With the gorgeous interior, original brick, and beautiful chandeliers that hang throughout the venue, you will not be disappointed with your experience.

I have been to Reilly’s quite a few times over the course of my college years and it never seems to disappoint! The food is amazing; the wine-delicious and the overall ambiance of the restaurant is unbeatable. While dining here with a few of my friends for a fun outing, we decided to pick and choose a little of everything from the menu. Our waiter, Jimmy, a very upbeat, kindhearted and passionate individual, who not only made our experience here very enjoyable, but also helped us with some amazing recommendations, had us order the brussel sprouts and Chefs Board for starters. Assorted with many different types of meats and cheeses, it was the perfect start to an incredible dining experience.

After the appetizers we were yearning for more deliciousness so we asked Jimmy to recommend some pastas and pizzas and, boy, did he do a phenomenal job! As a table of 7, we ordered many different types of pizzas such as the Margherita and Meatball & Ricotta pizza. But my personal favorite of them all was the Speck & Egg and the Roasted Crimini Mushroom pizzas. Both were so delicious I simply could not pick just one! One of the best parts about Reilly’s is that if you’re in such a predicament as I was with having to choose between pizzas, you have the option to do a half & half pizza, allowing you to not have to make a choice between those that have your mouth watering. Along with the pizzas, the pastas were quite the dream as well! We ordered the Farfalle pasta for the table, which is made with homemade pasta, spicy vodka sauce and the option to add a protein, and it was very tasty. The overall experience at Reilly’s was very enjoyable. It was the perfect place for a big party and was such a fabulous experience, all due to the wait staff, fabulous food, and great ambience!

Another great perk about Reilly’s is the hidden gem that many people are not aware of, The Tough Luck Club. A small, speakeasy-type bar underneath the restaurant will take you back to the prohibition days. This rustic, dimly lit space serves up many mixed drinks to choose from. With Mixologist’s behind the bar, you are able to walk up and tell them what you like and dislike and have them whip up a delicious drink just to your liking.

This is a place that I would recommend to people of all age groups; it is the perfect spot for a fun gathering or an intimate dinner. Reilly Craft Pizza and Drink really allows you a temporary escape from Tucson to the tastiness of Italy and the fun of a modern day speakeasy.

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